Travel to Algeria: what tourists need to know about a trip to the country



Travel to Algeria: what tourists need to know about a trip to the country

Algeria is the largest country in Africa. This is a developed, original, and very lustrous country in which ancient traditions harmoniously coexist with modern trends. For tourists, this is an incredibly interesting region with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, many historical monuments, ruins of ancient cities, and modernized streets. Even the Sahara Desert itself - one of the most mysterious corners of the planet - is worth visiting at least once in your life. 

However, before traveling to this African country, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with information about the rules of entry, movement between cities, stay, security situation, etc. In this article, we have collected some useful tips and recommendations for tourists to help prepare for the trip.

Rules of entry into the country 

For a tourist trip to Algeria, most foreign citizens need a visa. There are several types of them. For a tourist and recreational visit, it is best to apply for a tourist visa. You can also enter with a guest visa, but only if there is an invitation from friends or relatives living in the country. The tourist visa grants the right to stay in Algeria for up to 90 days. The stay can be extended. It is necessary to submit an application to the Bureau des Étrangers in Algeria, but not less than 15 days before the expiration of the current visa. It is also necessary to give a good reason.

Since there are still certain coronavirus restrictions and requirements in the country, be sure to take care of vaccination against Covid-19 before traveling and taking a test. 

It is likely that you may need travel and health insurance on your trip. Therefore, specify the information on all requirements for entering the country in advance. If you want to know more about travel insurance, you can contact a specialist on our website. 

Required documents

To obtain a tourist visa, submit an application to the embassy with the following documents: 

  • passport valid for at least six months;
  • a copy of the first pages of the passport (some consulates may ask for copies of all pages of the passport, including blank ones);
  • application form completed and signed ;
  • colour 35 mm x 45 mm photo;
  • notarized invitation issued by an Algerian travel agency or a host party in Algeria (if necessary);
  • confirmation of hotel reservation or availability at the time of visit;
  • confirmation of employment status (letter from the employer, company documents, etc.);
  • certificate of the financial situation (bank statements, payment information, etc.);
  • round-trip plane tickets;
  • confirmation of payment of the visa fee.

Before submitting an application, ask the embassy about the latest requirements for documents. 

Conditions of transportation of luggage  

If you are traveling to Algeria by plane, it should be noted that there is a list of things that are prohibited from being transported on board. Among them:

  • sharp and blunt objects with which you can injure a person;
  • sports equipment
  • sharp kitchen utensils
  • drugs, poisonous and toxic substances
  • explosive objects
  • weapons 
  • household flammable goods, including aerosol and gas canisters;
  • fireworks
  • cable ties, handcuffs, and other dangerous items.

In hand luggage, only some personal belongings (perfumes, gels, decorative cosmetics, prescription drugs, etc.) are allowed, but you should comply with the requirements for volume and size. Before traveling, be sure to find out from the air carrier the rules for the transportation of luggage. Also, familiarize yourself with the requirements for the import and export of objects.

Transport and car rental 

Several types of public transportation are working in Algeria. There are no problems with movement in the country. However, it will be more convenient for foreign tourists to use taxi services or rent a car. On average, a car rental will cost $ 20 per day. The price depends on the company, the brand of the vehicle, and other factors. 

To drive a car in the country, it is better to obtain an International Driver's Permit, which confirms the presence of your own driver's license. 

Card and cash

The national currency in Algeria is the dinar. Tourists can also pay on the spot in dollars. However, the cash payment method is more common in the country. Large cities have ATMs, but not all of them accept international cards. Therefore, it is better to immediately exchange currency at a bank, a large hotel, an exchange booth, or at the airport. 

Algeria is a very eclectic and incredible land, the journey to which will be an unforgettable and interesting experience. However, before traveling, we recommend that you get acquainted with the information on the situation in the country since there are still cases of terrorism and kidnapping. Adhering to the necessary requirements and rules, you will ensure yourself a comfortable and safe journey.