9 extraordinary places to see in Thailand



9 extraordinary places to see in Thailand

Thailand with its paradisiacal beaches, sublime landscapes, rich cultural heritage and ancestral customs is an amazing destination. Among all its attractions, there are some unusual ones worth visiting. Here are 8+1 of the most unusual places to see in Thailand.

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Koh Tarutao Island

Located in Tarutao National Marine Park, Koh Tarutao has long been neglected. Formerly a prison camp, the island was regularly attacked by pirates. Today, Koh Tarutao is a must-see destination in Thailand because it is still a wild and unspoiled island. 

There is no mass tourism here, and the monkeys will be your companions. Consisting of mangroves and rock formations bordering crystal clear water, Koh Tarutao is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. 

Wat Lan Kuat: A temple made of bottles

There is an atypical temple in the province of Isan in Si Saket, northeast of Bangkok. Indeed, Wat Lan Kuat is made only of empty glass bottles. It is said that there are about a million of them! You can also see murals made from painted capsules.

Mae Klong: An unusual market worth seeing in Thailand

The atypical and popular Mae Klong market has the peculiarity that the railroad runs through it. What's more, it is still in operation! Several times a day, the train passes in the middle of the stalls, presenting a perfectly coordinated show in which vendors stack their stalls in seconds.

Sam Phan Bok Canyon

Literally translated, Sam Phan Bok means 3,000 holes. They refer to the 3,000 craters that dot the canyon. Located along the Mekong River, it is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Thailand. Over the millennia, erosion has created rock formations, some of which resemble animals. The best time to visit is the dry season, when the Mekong River has not yet covered everything.

The sunken temple of Sangkhlaburi, a unique place in Thailand

Known for its wooden bridge and magnificent temples, Sangkhlaburi is also famous for one of its buildings. In the center of the lake stands a temple that was drowned during the construction of a dam. It is most visible in the dry season when the water level is not very high. Wat Saam Prasob is a must-see in Thailand. 

A must-see lake in Thailand: Lotus Lake

Another unusual place to see in Thailand is Nong Khan Lake in the region of Udon Thani. Completely covered with millions of pink lotuses, the body of water is unique. To be able to admire all the subtleties of the colours, you need to go there early in the morning, before the sun heats up the water too much and makes the flowers close up. 

This incredible sight reaches its peak during the blooming period from December to March. On the lotus lake you can't help but see pagodas, small shrines, and even statues of Buddha. Take the opportunity to try one of the signature dishes: lotus curry.


Unusual in Lampang village is the type of transportation used by locals. Although there are many tuk-tuks all over Thailand, there are none in Lampang. Here, horse-drawn carriages and other horse-drawn means of transportation ply the roads of the town. A return to the past, which gives the city a certain appeal. 

While in Lampang, don't miss Wat Chalerm Phrakiat, a temple located on a rocky hillside that is unique in Thailand. Its location on a rocky hill in the middle of the countryside and scattered over several peaks makes it an unusual place to visit in Thailand.

Floating houses on the Sakaekrang River

The province of Uthai Thani has some rather unusual houses. There are floating houses made of coloured bamboo on the Sakaekrang River. On an old converted rice barge you will have a nice and relaxing ride.

Bonus! Must-See in Thailand: the Songkran Festival

If there's one thing that's a must-see in Thailand, it's the Songkran Festival. It corresponds to the Thai New Year and usually takes place around the middle of April. It is the largest and most important festival in the country and lasts for three days. In addition to the organized festivities, Songkran is primarily a festival of water. On this occasion, the entire population is poured with water and giant water fights are staged in the streets.

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