Myths about citizenship in America

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Myths about citizenship in America

Before moving to America, many people have questions about what to expect when applying and how the residency process works. In this article we will tell you about the most popular myths and their refutations.

In this article we will look at the most asked questions about citizenship in America and break down the 10 myths that most people believe. 

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1. I can get American citizenship by birth right because my grandparents were American citizens.

No. You are eligible to claim citizenship if you were born in the country or if your parents are American or one of them. This rule only applies to one generation.

2. My relative, an American citizen, I automatically get citizenship immediately under family reunification rights.

No. Your relative has to prove the ability to keep you, which means showing sufficient funds - a minimum of 125% of the poverty level. And also the waiting time for a decision is 1 to 15 years. The next of kin applications are considered first.

3. I can get American citizenship by investing a certain amount of money in the country or by purchasing real estate.

This process is strictly regulated by law. You do not get citizenship right away, first you open an investor visa for 2 years, and then you have to apply to USCIS for the possibility of indefinite stay. Your activities must be useful to the economy of the country, contribute to the provision of jobs (more than 10) or start production processes in certain industries. In numbers, this means investing more than $1 million in a new enterprise or at least $500,000 in an industry that the government of the country will specify (more often in undeveloped regions of the country).

4. I can get citizenship without knowing English.

No. All visa interviews with the consul are conducted in English. You must also pass a citizenship test before you can obtain citizenship:

- knowledge of the country's history and polity;

- Language skills (reading, writing, speaking).

5. Applying for naturalization is free.

No, you pay all required fees, which are non-refundable in case of rejection. The application fee is $640. There is an additional fee of $85 for the biometrics lab and $7 for postage.

6. I can become an American citizen without giving up my previous passport.

The law does not allow dual citizenship. That is, it is not allowed, but also not forbidden. Although it is noted that the new American citizen remains loyal to this state.

7. If I am an American citizen, it is forever.

No. You can renounce your citizenship on your own initiative by filing the appropriate application. The government can also forcibly revoke your citizenship, in the case of:

Performing military service in another country without the approval of the U.S. government;

Committing treason or organizing a coup d'état.

Citizenship obtained by naturalization can be revoked within 5 years of obtaining it, if it is confirmed that you have committed fraud or participated in terrorist organizations.

8. I can sign up for all the green card sites and increase my chances of getting a green card.

Diversity Visa Lottery is a program from the U.S. government where every foreigner who applies has a chance to get a green card, i.e. the right to American citizenship every year. The only place where you can apply is the U.S. government website.

9. If I win the program, I automatically get citizenship, housing and employment in America.

No. Once you win the lottery, you must gather all the necessary documents to prove your ability to hold your own at least for the first time in America. You must also have an interview with the consul. If you break the rules, do not meet the requirements, your application will be cancelled.

10. You must pay to participate in the program, and applications that meet certain criteria win.

Participation in the green card lottery is free. You pay only the consular fee and additional fees for winning the lottery and applying for the visa.

Applications are randomly selected by a computer program similar to the lottery. They are only allocated by geographic area; no single country can qualify for more than 7% of total visas. There are also certain requirements for applications, such as level of education, if your application does not meet these requirements, even if you win you will be disqualified.

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