Where to go on holiday: 15 budget countries to travel in 2023



Where to go on holiday: 15 budget countries to travel in 2023

Do you want to go on vacation without all the money in the world? We have collected a selection of the 15 cheapest countries for travel, where your vacation will be rich, interesting and without unnecessary expenses. Find out more in which countries you can spend a vacation on a budget

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country

When planning a future trip, a tourist usually takes into account many factors: he gets to know the main attractions of the state, looks for airline tickets, and chooses a hotel. However, the level of prices in the country of destination is also a very important condition when choosing a place to rest.

We have collected 15 countries to which a trip can become quite budget-friendly, because according to the exchange rate (as of January 2023), for $100 a tourist here will receive a larger amount in the national currency than in other countries, which will be enough for daily expenses.


1$ = 373.00 HUF

Hungary is world-famous for its historical heritage, thermal spas and fine restaurants, many of which have been awarded a Michelin star. Budapest's hotels are historic five-star complexes at the prices of three-star hotels. For example, for relatively moderate money at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, you can feel like a real monarch and spend your vacation in the exquisite interiors of the old castle, decorated with chandeliers and stained-glass windows. Budapest is also one of the European entertainment capitals. There are many bars, restaurants and clubs for every taste. 


1$ = 18.77 TRY

Currently, the exchange rate in Turkey is quite favorable for tourists, but the prices are not small. Excursions to the main sights of the country and accommodation in luxury hotels in Istanbul can quickly use up your travel budget. However, if you prefer non-touristy restaurants and street food vendors, as well as visiting free attractions such as the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia and the city's mosques, you can get to know the culture of Turkey and save money at the same time. In order to choose the most favorable time for travel, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the calendar of events in Turkey. The rules ot travel to Turkey at the link.

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1$ = 15,604.95 Indonesian Rupiah

Despite the large number of tourists, Indonesia remains an affordable vacation destination. However, while millions of travelers go to the most popular island of Bali, where prices have long ceased to be budget, we advise you to visit the islands of Sumba or Lombok and enjoy a more peaceful and cheap vacation. Of course, it is necessary to set aside one day for a trip to Jakarta, where for a few dollars a tourist can taste Indonesian cuisine and visit attractions.


$1 = NPR 132.27

Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to visit, especially these days when the local currency has fallen a lot. Most tourists associate Nepal with Mount Everest, but this tiny country has much more to offer. First and foremost is the city of Kathmandu, a stunning place that hides some great hotels and museums. Also, worth the attention of tourists are Bhaktapur and Patan - more restrained cities, but filled with Buddhist culture.

North Macedonia

$1 = MKD 58.02

North Macedonia is one of the most underrated countries by tourists. The country is landlocked, but the incredibly beautiful and diverse Lake Ohrid is located within the country. The cities of North Macedonia are rich in cobbled streets and quaint churches.



$1 = 110.60 dinars

Belgrade is one of the cultural capitals of Europe, but prices in Serbia are much lower than in Paris or Berlin. In the city, it is very easy to find a hotel costing up to $100. A tourist will be able to explore Belgrade's many museums and modern art installations, or spend the night dancing in the clubs operating throughout the city.


South Korea

$1 = 1269.02 won

Most tourists prefer popular places in South Korea - Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island. Instead, the South Korean city of Mokpo, located in the Jeolla region on the southern edge of the peninsula, is no less interesting, but much more budget-friendly. The port city is home to the most interesting restaurants in South Korea. Fans of interesting dishes from all over the world are attracted here by signature Korean dishes, for example, Hongeo - an extremely spicy dish made from stingray meat.


$1 = MXN 19.35

Mexico is consistently one of the favorite destinations for budget travel. Of course, tourists will spend most of their money on delicious Mexican cuisine - street food and restaurants. Also in Mexico City, the traveler should visit the iconic Jumex Museum of Contemporary Art. To see how tequila is made, head to the state of Jalisco. A budget-friendly holiday by the ocean awaits the tourist in the town of Isla Holbox.


1$ = 23,485.00 VND

Vietnam combines not only a favorable exchange rate and low prices, but also the fabulous beauty of the country. Hanoi is probably the most romantic city in the region. Pristine beaches and cozy resorts await tourists in Ninh Van Bay and Phu Quoc Island.



1$ = 5.43 BRL

Like most of South America, Brazil is a good place to travel. In Rio de Janeiro, a tourist can stay at The Emiliano Hotel, winner of the 2018 Hot List and live a few steps away from the best beach in the world, Copacabana. Young people will be more interested in Sao Paulo, where fashionable galleries, museums and bars work.

Sri Lanka

$1 = SLR 364.96

The Sri Lankan rupee has been getting stronger over the past few decades, but last February it fell sharply. So now is the best time to explore this incredible island nation. Leaf tea plantations, Buddhist temples, golden beaches and reserves where elephants live await the tourist in Sri Lanka.


$1 = EGP 27.00

At first glance, it seems that exploring the sites of the pharaohs is very expensive, but it is not. A cruise on the Nile, a trip to the pyramids or a sea vacation - it's all about Egypt. You can stay in the renovated hotel St. Regis Cairo or in a villa at the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria.


1$ = 82.46 Indian Rupees

India has always been a budget holiday destination, and now that the dollar is almost 83 rupees, the country has become even more affordable. You can stay in bungalows for $60 a night, in the expensive Oberoi and Six Senses hotels, or in hundreds of options in between. During the rest, the tourist will be able to visit many attractions and dine in local restaurants.

Costa Rica

1$ = 590.25 CRC

The Costa Rican colon has firmed up a bit in recent months, but the rate still remains favorable for travelers. In addition, the main asset of the country is its nature, which can be enjoyed for free. Hiking through the tropical cloud forests of the Alajuela Mountains and surfing off the coast of the Papagayo Peninsula are all about Costa Rica.


1$ = 4930.63 COP

The nature of Colombia is the peaks of the Andes, the Amazon jungle and sandy beaches. Art and technology are also reviving in the country's big cities. National cuisine deserves special attention. The exchange rate of the local currency will allow tourists to enjoy all the advantages of a budget vacation in Colombia.

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