Rules for importing cars to Turkey and fines for traffic violations



Rules for importing cars to Turkey and fines for traffic violations

Citizens of other countries often come to Turkey in their own cars. Find out more about the rules for importing tourist cars into the country and what fines for drivers are provided for in Turkey

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Quite often, investors and other foreigners traveling to Turkey need to bring their own car to the country. Regardless of whether the entry is temporary or permanent, according to the laws of the Republic of Türkiye, citizens of other countries can cross the territory of the state in their own cars with foreign registration. There are also no restrictions on the year of production of the car.

The main import rules and possible fines for motorists in Turkey are collected in this article.

List of documents for crossing the border with Turkey by car

To cross the border with Turkey by car, you will need the following documents:

- driver's license;

- vehicle technical passport;

- an insurance policy of an international model, which is valid on the territory of Turkey;

- the power of attorney to drive the vehicle is certified by a notary public or at the consulate or embassy of Turkey (if the car is not being crossed by its owner).

Rules for importing a car with foreign registration to Turkey

Several options for importing cars with foreign registration have been developed in Turkish legislation.

Rules for importing tourists' cars to Turkey

Foreigners who arrive in the country as tourists and do not have a residence permit can use their own car for a period equal to the period of visa-free stay or the duration of the visa. Depending on the citizenship of the tourist, it is possible to stay in the country without a visa for a period of 30 to 90 days. Rules for issuing tourist visas to Turkey at the link.

Temporary import of a car to Turkey

The most popular way of importing cars among investors and expats. The laws of the Republic of Turkey allow a car with foreign license plates to be in the country for up to 2 years, but subject to compliance with a number of rules:

- The 185-day rule means that before crossing the state border of Turkey, the owner of the vehicle must stay outside the Republic of Turkey for more than 185 days within 1 year. The period does not necessarily have to be continuous, the days are counted in total for the whole year.

- Declaration - when importing a car, it must be declared. The procedure is carried out at customs control points on the border. In the absence of a declaration, you can receive a fine.

- The Green Card insurance policy must be issued for the entire period of the car's stay in Turkey. You can buy insurance in the country where the vehicle is registered or before crossing the border. The estimated cost for a passenger car in 2023 is $130.

- The 2-year rule — a car temporarily imported to Turkey must remain in the country for up to 730 days without the right to leave the country. That is, you can use the car exclusively on the territory of Turkey. If the owner decides to leave the Republic of Turkey, the car must remain in the country. When leaving Turkey, you will have to wait 185 days to re-import the car.

- The car must be registered in the country of permanent residence of the driver.

Important prohibitions for owners of temporarily imported cars in Türkiye

Foreigners who have imported their car to Turkey are prohibited from:

- Use the vehicle for purposes other than those for which it was imported (i.e., you cannot use your private vehicle for commercial purposes).

- Borrow or rent a car to other people.

- Sell cars within Turkey.

- The vehicle is not used by a person who has been granted the right of temporary importation. In Turkey, cars with foreign registration can be driven only by the owner and his closest relatives. Transferring the car to third parties is prohibited by law.

Importantly! If you need to leave Turkey, the car owner must inform the customs service about the address of the car for the period of absence at least one day before departure and confirm that it will not be used by other persons during the owner's absence. That is, the use of the car by third parties during the absence of the owner is not allowed. Only members of the owner's family can use the car. Violators who did not submit an application for departure to the customs office will be fined.

Is it possible to extend the period of temporary importation?

A car with foreign registration can stay in Türkiye for longer than two years, subject to the customs clearance procedure. It consists in paying a tax, the amount of which is 100% of the market value of the car. After customs clearance, the car will receive Turkish license plates and you will be able to use it without restrictions. However, in most cases, the conditions of customs clearance make the procedure of importing a car by foreigners who came to Turkey on the permanent residence unprofitable.

Fines for drivers in Turkey in 2023

Foreigners who plan to use their own car in Turkey are advised to familiarize themselves with the new fines for drivers introduced by the government in 2023:

- Driving through a red light is $47.

- Speeding by 10-30% - $47.

- Speeding by more than 50% - $200.

- Driving while intoxicated (first arrest) - $200.

- Driving in Turkey without a license - $400.

- Drift on the road - $1000.

- Driving under the influence of drugs - $1050.

- Driving without a license plate - $250.

- The fine for non-observance of road markings is $200.

- Lack of insurance - $22.

- Failure to maintain road distance - $22.

- Unfastened seat belt - $23.

- Violation of parking rules - $23.

- Parking in a place for the disabled - $47.

- Using a mobile phone while driving is $50.

- Lack of winter tires - $135.

You can pay the fine at the tax office or on the Turkish Public Services E-devlet portal. When paying in the first 15 calendar days after receiving the fine, there is a 25% discount.

If you plan to leave Türkiye by car, all fines for traffic violations in Turkey on your car must be paid at the time of leaving the country. You will not be able to leave the territory of the state until the outstanding debts are paid off. Therefore, we advise you to check the presence of fines in the Police Department in advance, so as not to have problems at customs. You can also check whether you have fines left by following the link. Go to the section "Yabancı Plakalı Araç Ödemeleri (Foreign Vehicle Payments)" and enter the vehicle registration number.

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