Best Countries to Visit with Kids in 2023



Best Countries to Visit with Kids in 2023

When travelling with children, you need to take care of all the nuances of your holiday. Find out more about family holidays and the top 10 countries for travelling with children

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country

Summer is the best time for traveling with the whole family, because nothing unites like joint adventures. The trip will give you vivid impressions, will allow you to explore new places and spend quality time with loved ones.

If you haven't booked your next family vacation yet, we recommend that you check out our top 10 best countries for vacations with children.

When is the best time to travel with children?

The best time for a summer family vacation is the beginning of June and the end of August. During this period, prices at the resorts have not yet reached their peak. The air temperature is also quite comfortable.

What is the most comfortable age for traveling with children?

Experienced parents say that you can travel with children at any age. Some consider the best period from 3 to 9 months, when babies are not so mobile. Others advise waiting until age 3, when children can eat from a common table and voice their desires and worries. Others believe that it is most interesting to explore new countries with children over 7 years old. However, most say that the hardest part of traveling with a baby is from the time they become mobile around 9 months and before they reach smart deal/cartoon/snack age around 18 months.

Top 10 countries for traveling with children

• 1st place - Mexico

Mexico is chosen by families looking for an easy and varied vacation. The country is filled with a large number of sights, rich culture, fascinating history and places for relaxation. For the most comfortable vacation with children in Mexico - stop on one of the most popular coasts of the country - Riviera Maya. Numerous water parks, fun museums and amazing Mayan ruins are concentrated in this area. Enjoy a relaxing break in one of the hundreds of unique cenotes (deep swimming holes) or choose from one of several beautiful white sand beaches.

• 2nd place - Greece

If your family is looking for adventure, then Greece is the place for you. This country is ideal for traveling with children over 8 years old. A great choice would be the island of Santorini - this volcanic island has an amazing origin story that will surely amaze you. Many companies offer boat tours to the caldera. There are also many great places for swimming and breathtaking views.

• 3rd place – Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is suitable for traveling with children of any age, even babies. Bali is one of the most popular islands in Southeast Asia, with great snorkeling spots and amazing beaches. Explore the reefs with the whole family or go on a dolphin-watching trip. A trip to the Monkey Forest is guaranteed to make your family vacation in 2023 unforgettable. The culture of Bali also deserves the attention of tourists: numerous temples and museums are worth visiting with children.

• 4th place - Great Britain

Families with young children should consider a short trip to Sussex, a county not far from London. This place is ideal for family holidays, as it has bustling coastal towns and interesting countryside.

• 5th place - South Africa

A place for a unique family vacation for older children and teenagers. South Africa is full of unforgettable experiences that your children will carry with them for a lifetime. Be sure to go on a safari, because here you can see elephants, giraffes and lions in the wild. Explore the beaches of the Western Cape near Cape Town or move to the exquisite Winelands. South Africa has something for everyone.

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• 6th place - Italy

Italy is an ideal place for a fun family vacation by the sea. Bustling summer vacations in this country will appeal to both little ones and older children. Little ones will be amazed by the fabulous houses of the Trulli in Apulia. Also, this region is known for numerous places for scuba diving. Teenagers will not only be able to explore the world of fish, but will also receive, if they wish, a diver's certificate. During the summer months, Puglia hosts numerous festivals dedicated to the rich Italian culture.

• 7th place - Ireland

Travelers who plan to spend their vacation exclusively in nature should consider a trip to Ireland. From rafting to hiking, from ancient castles to seaside cliffs, Ireland has it all. Discover historical treasures surrounded by vibrant nature. Ireland's bustling capital, Dublin, is an exciting day trip destination.

• 8th place – Maldives

Maldives is the best place for unforgettable adventures. The main attractions of the Maldives are the ocean and snow-white beaches. Scuba diving, dolphin watching, fishing - all these activities are available on the island. Don't forget to go on a submarine trip or watch a movie at the beach cinema.

• 9th place – France

No matter which region of France you travel to, you are guaranteed a great family vacation. However, in 2023 we advise you to visit the north-western region of Brittany, because there are many places that are magical and completely unexplored: steep cliffs, ancient castles and medieval citadels - little history lovers will be surprised by the rich culture of Brittany.

• 10th place - Turkey

Kalkan is a region of Turkey that is full of ancient wonders. Go on a walking tour to explore them all. Nearby are also the amazing ruins of Patara, a mysterious Lycian city with Roman baths and a magnificent theater. You can also relax by the sea here.

Wherever you go, we're sure you'll have the best time possible. The main thing is to take care of health insurance for the whole family before leaving, so that you can rest without unnecessary problems.

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