11 Best Places to Travel in July 2023



11 Best Places to Travel in July 2023

Rest is what helps us move forward. A planned trip always helps to cheer up and refresh your mind. July is the perfect time for relaxation. Here are 11 places to go on vacation in July 2023

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country

July is the height of summer - a period of freedom, warmth, sea, sun and festivals. Europe is bathed in sunlight, so the number of tourists in Mediterranean resorts is increasing, and in the tropics the dry season is just starting, the best time for observing wildlife. Arctic regions are also becoming more accessible.

Regardless of the preferences of tourists, everyone can find something interesting for themselves in the summer. We are talking about the top destinations in July 2023.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

July in Amsterdam means warm weather, good mood and delicious food. Lazy summer days are best spent at Vondelpark, where you can often catch free outdoor comedy, dance and music performances.

Book a canal cruise, visit the Royal Zoo or shop at the Cape Albert Open Market. If it gets cold one day, you can pop into the Van Gogh Museum and see over 200 works of art.


Many travelers believe that Greenland can become the "new Iceland", but its remote location makes it difficult to access and unexplored. July is the high season on the island. The pearl of Greenland is Ilulissat Fjord, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. Its area is more than 66,000 football fields. At sunset, the shores glow with pink, purple and orange hues.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Beach vacationers should visit Playa del Carmen, a resort town on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. It is less touristy than Cancun and boasts stunning beaches, magical underground caves and a 3D museum. Visit Chichen Itza to learn about local history, an ancient Mayan city, or experience wildlife and scuba diving.

South Island, New Zealand

Ski slopes and thermal springs - New Zealand will be a great place for winter vacation seekers. In the coldest months, it is also possible to observe the northern lights. Visit Tekapo's Mount John Observatory, located in the International Dark Sky Reserve, for stargazing.

Hoi An, Vietnam

When the monsoon rains hit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, savvy travelers know to head to Vietnam's central coast, where the weather is dry and warm. It is here that some of the most beautiful beaches in the country are located, as well as UNESCO-listed cities and fascinating national parks. Explore the port city and see Chinese temples and ancient teahouses. Then head out of town to relax on the white sandy stretches around Da Nang.

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Montreal, Canada

Montreal celebrates Canada Day for almost a whole month. Also, July is the period of summer entertainment in the city, which is most often associated with icy winters. Main events: the country's largest St. Catherine's Fair, the world's largest international festival of comedy art "Just for Laughs". The National Circus School also organizes many shows. If you don't like festivals, July in Montreal can still surprise you with its architecture, delicious food and warm weather.

Porto, Portugal

Porto in July is all about relaxing days on the beach and boat trips on winding rivers. Porto is also famous for its culinary prestige. The city has five Michelin-starred restaurants. The city has a rich history, it is also the home of the port wine, so it is worth visiting a winery near the city or wine tasting in the city.

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is an island in the south of Japan that should be visited in July. Spend a beach holiday there and visit castles, national reserves and an oceanarium. The zoo, the Museum of Miracles, the botanical gardens or the ruins of Katsuren of the 15th century also deserve the attention of tourists.


July is the best time to see the wild animals of Madagascar, because the weather on the island is dry and cool during this month. Humpback whales also migrate here at this time of year. Stroll along the Baobab Alley or visit the Phosa Baobab Festival.


Singapore is the best place for connoisseurs of delicious cuisine, especially in July, because at this time the city hosts the Singapore Food Festival - a week-long celebration of local flavor and multicultural cuisine. The Great Singapore Sale is also going on here all month.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Take a July vacation to Montevideo, a coastal city with Spanish-style architecture, a citadel, and several cathedrals. Most days the weather is good enough for swimming. However, if it gets cold, visit the Art Museum or the Solis Theater.

Of course, July is one of the busiest periods, so we advise you to book your trips in advance. Read about the top five cheapest Mediterranean resorts this summer at the link.

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