How You Can Acquire Greek Citizenship in 2023: list of documents for obtaining

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How You Can Acquire Greek Citizenship in 2023: list of documents for obtaining

Greek citizenship gives foreigners the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant world. It opens up opportunities and employment prospects. Learn more about how to obtain Greek citizenship and dual citizenship in 2023

Order a checklist - step-by-step instructions for obtaining a visa and moving to Greece
Order a checklist - step-by-step instructions for obtaining a visa and moving to Greece

Greece is famous for its cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, mild climate and friendly people. The whole world knows Greece as the cradle of European civilization. The country has many objects on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
The Greek passport is among the top 20 citizenships in the world. Greece is a member of the European Union, its citizens have the right to travel to the countries of the region without a visa, as well as to live and work in any city of the European Union.
Greece is a great alternative to Spain for those planning to immigrate and is popular with those who no longer want to live in the Nordic countries.

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Advantages of Greek citizenship

- Ability to travel to more than 170 countries without visas.
- Possibility to open an account in a European bank.
- Living in a country with a high level of security.
- The education system is developed.
- Excellent health care system and clean environment.
- Relatively low real estate prices.
- Tax benefits.

Obtaining Greek citizenship is a rather complicated and long-term process. We talk about the main requirements for foreigners and the procedure for obtaining a Greek passport in our article.

How to become a citizen of Greece?

Currently, there are many procedures for obtaining Greek citizenship, the main ones are:
have ties to Greece through education or marriage
for military service
through investment

More details about the most common options:

Foreigners can obtain Greek citizenship under this procedure if they meet one of the following conditions:
whose mother or father is a Greek citizen;
the foreigner was born on the territory of Greece and at least one of the parents has legally resided in Greece for at least five years;
if a foreigner was adopted by Greek citizens;
if the grandparent was born in Greece or was naturalized.
In this case, the applicant will not have to live in the country for a long time. If you can prove your Greek origin, you immediately receive Greek citizenship.

Citizenship by education
Children who have been studying in a Greek school for at least 6 years or whose parents are foreign citizens who have lived in Greece for at least seven years can obtain citizenship under this procedure. A similar option is common among graduate students at Greek universities, such as the University of Athens.

On the basis of marriage
Only people who married before 1984 can obtain Greek citizenship through marriage. Marrying a Greek citizen after 1984 only entitles you to a permanent residence permit.

Citizenship by military service
Foreigners who have joined the Greek Armed Forces or the country's military academy have the right to apply for citizenship.

"Golden visa" in Greece and naturalization

Since 2012, only foreigners with Greek origin or a Golden Visa residence permit can obtain citizenship through naturalization. That is, a foreigner first receives a long-term visa at the expense of investments, and then, after 7 years of residence, applies for citizenship.
According to the program, family members also automatically receive the right of residence. This includes spouse, children under 21 if unmarried, or even under 24 if students. There are no residency requirements in Greece to obtain a residence permit.
Compared to other countries, the amount of investment is relatively small - 250,000 euros. To participate in the program, a foreigner must purchase real estate in Greece (commercial and non-commercial), open an account in a Greek bank or purchase a plot of agricultural land for a period of 5 years.

An approximate list of documents for obtaining Greek citizenship through naturalization

"Declaration of naturalization" of the municipality where you live.
Certificate of registration or permanent residence permit for citizens of the European Union (provided by the immigration departments of the Greek police).
Your native passport (not a digital copy).
Birth Certificate. Please note that the birth certificate must be certified and translated into Greek.
Personal tax audits for the last couple of years.
Any other documents that can prove your residence or relationship to Greece.

The rest of the documents can be provided at the request of officials. Some documents will need to be translated into Greek, notarized and apostilled, such as a birth certificate. Other documents must be registered or certified by Greek citizens or public authorities.

Greek citizenship exam

In 2021, the Greek government launched a special exam for anyone who wants to obtain Greek citizenship through naturalization. It contains 20 questions about Greek language, history, economics, culture and geography. To pass this exam, a foreigner must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly. Participation in testing costs 150 euros.

Dual citizenship in Greece

According to Greek law, dual citizenship is legal and fully permitted here. You don't have to give up your native citizenship if you want to get Greek. All Greek citizens are allowed to hold dual citizenships without any special conditions - you can be a Greek citizen while holding a UK, US, etc. passport.

Obtaining Greek citizenship is a rather complex process that has many peculiarities and subtleties. Therefore, to find out the possible ways of obtaining citizenship, to learn in detail about the procedure or to prepare the necessary package of documents, consult a highly qualified immigration lawyer.

For many people, living in Greece sounds like a dream, but living in the country has its pros and cons. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Greece here

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