The most dangerous countries in Europe in 2024



The most dangerous countries in Europe in 2024

Europe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and peaceful continents in the world, but it also faces challenges of crime and violence. Find out which countries are the most dangerous in 2024

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country

Most tourists associate Europe with beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and unspoilt cities, as well as freedom, democracy and security. However, this is not entirely true, Europe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and peaceful continents in the world, but it is not immune to crime and violence. In some countries of the continent, the level of danger is higher than in other countries.

Which countries are the most dangerous in Europe in 2024? The top 10 European countries are further.

Factors affecting the level of security in states

The security of European countries depends on many things. However, the key ones are:

- Violent crime rate: the higher the rate, the more dangerous the country is.

- International relations: a country's communication with its neighbors can affect its security.

- War Status: An important factor is whether the country is currently at war.

- Terrorist attacks: frequency and severity of terrorist attacks.

- Government stability: The stability of government in a country can affect its overall security.

Top 10 most dangerous countries in Europe in 2024

1st place – Ukraine

- Risk level: very high (the country is at war).

In 2024, the most dangerous country in Europe is Ukraine. The main reason is military action as a result of the Russian invasion. The state is a zone of active hostilities. Travelers should be extremely careful here and familiarize themselves with the safety rules while planning a visit to this beautiful state.

In general, Ukraine ranks 153rd in the Global Peacefulness Index, which indicates an unstable security situation.

2nd place – Turkey

- Risk level: high.

Turkey is generally quite safe to visit, but it is still one of the most dangerous places in Europe. When traveling here, it is better to stay closer to big cities, for example, Istanbul or Ankara.

In addition, it is better for tourists to go as part of an organized tourist group.

Although there have been no terrorist attacks in the country for quite some time, it is still worth being vigilant here. Please note that additional security measures are in place around major tourist attractions.

3rd place – Kosovo

- Risk level: high.

Kosovo is generally safe to visit. Violent crime does occur here, but it is mostly organized crime, and most of the dangers to travelers are minor in nature.

The most important problem in Kosovo is the risk of terrorism. In addition, there is a rapidly growing threat of violent Islamic extremism.

Take the usual safety precautions when traveling here.

4th place – Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Risk level: medium.

During the war in the 1990s that broke up Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina saw a lot of violent crime. Fortunately, everything has subsided for now, but the high level of crime still makes this state dangerous.

The most common crimes that threaten tourists in the country are the theft of wallets, pickpocketing and other thefts that occur in certain areas.

In addition, there are threats from bombs and land mines that have not yet been destroyed after the war, but these areas have special markings.

5th place - Italy

- Risk level: medium.

Italy is generally a safe country, but as with any major European tourist country, petty crimes such as bag theft and pickpocketing are common, so travelers should be vigilant. Scammers usually operate in tourist areas such as the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum in Rome. You should also avoid walking alone at night. Public transport in the country is safe.

Italy is also a potential target for terrorists. Therefore, additional security measures are in place around the main tourist attractions.

6th place – Greece

- Risk level: medium.

In general, Athens, the capital of Greece, is considered a very safe city even for solo travelers. The level of crime is very low, so it is enough for a tourist to follow the general rules of behavior abroad. Most visits go smoothly, but theft of passports and wallets is common on the subway and in crowded tourist areas.

The only area to avoid is Omonia, especially at night. All this because of homeless people who may try to rob visitors.

7th place - Moldova

- Risk level: medium.

Moldova is a relatively safe country to visit, and basic precautions can minimize risks. Once the state was called "the least happy place in the world", but from now on the country is gradually losing this reputation.

The advantage is that there are no cases of terrorism in Moldova. Stay alert, but the risk is very low compared to major European capitals.

8th place – Montenegro

- Risk level: low.

Montenegro is considered a very safe country for tourists. The crime rate here is relatively low compared to other countries of the world. Travelers should only worry about petty theft in places frequented by tourists. Montenegrin people are warm and friendly.

The only danger is fraud. Be vigilant, especially in taxis, to prevent overcharging.

9th place - Cyprus

- Risk level: low.

Cyprus is generally very safe to travel to, even considering its geographical proximity to countries affected by terrorism and war. The only thing that happens here is petty crime, especially in the summer.

Although there is no history of terrorism, attacks should not be ruled out. Visitors must be vigilant at all times. Be especially careful in crowded places.

Crimes against tourists are not common, but reasonable precautions are advised. Keep passports, money and valuables in a safe place.

10th place - Serbia

- Risk level: low.

Serbia is generally very safe. It ranks 31st out of 162 countries in the list of the safest countries. The risk of a terrorist attack in Serbia is very low compared to major European capitals. The only thing is to be careful about scams when visiting Serbia.

Travel advisories and safety tips for visiting these countries

When considering a trip to Europe, be sure to take this list into account. If you are planning a trip to one of the above countries, follow the basic safety rules:

1. Upon arrival, register with your embassy so that they can contact you in emergency situations and help.

2. To find out about the level of security in the country, read your government's travel advice for the chosen country.

3. Take out a travel insurance policy that covers medical needs, possible trip cancellations and assistance in emergency situations.

4. Download useful apps: local emergency services, maps and translation apps.

5. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded or unfamiliar places.

6. Keep your belongings safe, don't carry a lot of cash and consider using a money belt.

7. Learn some basic phrases in the local language for better communication.

8. Respect local customs and dress codes so you don't stand out.

9. Before departure, make copies of your passport, identity card and insurance and keep them separately from the originals.

In emergency situations, especially if your rights have been violated, seek help from highly qualified lawyers.

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