Europe's best countries to live In for Expats 2023

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Europe's best countries to live In for Expats 2023

Europe is a coveted destination for expats due to its diverse cultures, history, and high standard of living. However, the prospect of moving to a new country can be both exciting and intimidating. Here are the 10 best countries in Europe for expats

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Are you planning to move to one of the European countries, but don't know which one to choose? The most honest reviews can only be obtained from people who already have experience living abroad.

Every year, the global expat community InterNations conducts an Expat Insider survey to select the best countries to move to. 12,000 respondents representing 171 nationalities and living in 172 countries of the world participate in it. They appreciate the ease of settlement, the ease of finding a job abroad, and the quality of leisure time in the country where they live. The ranking also includes data from the Expat Essentials index, which analyzes the quality of digital services, bureaucracy, housing and ease of language learning. Based on the collected data, InterNations creates a ranking of the best countries in the world for expats.

Which European countries became leaders in 2023? Let's talk further.

● 1st place – Spain

In 2023, Spain was ranked as the best country in Europe and second in the world for expats. High quality of life, career prospects and friendly local population attract many expats to the state. Most of the respondents noted that the country maintains an ideal balance between work and private life. 88% of migrants are impressed by Spain's culture, as well as the many opportunities for sports and nightlife. New residents especially like the local climate, because there are many sunny days and mild winters.

● 2nd place – Portugal

Portugal remains one of the few European countries that manages to maintain a balance between a high quality of life (the country ranks seventh in the world) and its moderate cost. In addition, the country is recognized as an ideal place for young people and remote workers to relocate.

More than three-quarters of respondents feel at home here, and 80% of people note that most local residents welcome foreign residents. However, Portuguese bureaucracy can be difficult for expats to deal with.

Foreigners also note that career prospects in the country are not very high, but 78% of expats say that their income from remote work is quite enough for a comfortable life in Portugal.

● 3rd place – Finland

For five years in a row, Finland has been awarded the title of the happiest country in the world, because it has an excellent free public health care system and quality education. The country also has a low crime rate and good ecology. All these factors make Finland the best place in Europe to live with a family. Finns are also quite tolerant, this fact helps expats representing the LGBT community to move here.

In Finland, foreigners can count on a high level of wages and career prospects.

● 4th place – Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe with the highest quality of life. The state offers expats career prospects, as well as interesting leisure time. Many international companies and organizations work in Luxembourg, as well as a fairly strong financial sector. A low level of corruption and favorable tax conditions allow business to actively develop in the state.

● 5th place – Czech Republic

80% of expats note that they are very satisfied with the balance between work and personal life in the Czech Republic. Also, foreigners often occupy leading positions in the country. Most of the respondents noted the high level of salaries in the Czech Republic.

The crime rate in the country is low. Foreigners also like the well-developed Czech infrastructure and transport connections. The cost of living is quite acceptable, compared to the countries of Western Europe.

● 6th place – Netherlands

The Netherlands offers expats a high quality of life with low crime and friendly locals. The country promotes a healthy work-life balance. In general, the Dutch are welcoming to foreigners and make an effort to welcome newcomers into the community. They are also known for their liberal society.

The Dutch have the world's highest level of English proficiency among non-native speakers, so English-speaking expats will have a much easier time here.

● 7th place – Switzerland

Life in Switzerland for expats is usually prosperous and comfortable. Swiss residents earn the fourth highest average salary in the world, and expats earn even higher. The state also has a low unemployment rate and a universal health care system. Switzerland is known for its political stability, neutrality and low level of violent crime.

For a relatively small country, Switzerland has an amazing variety of natural and cultural attractions, including 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

● 8th place – Greece

Greece is an extremely lively country, which is famous all over the world for its climate, rich history, beautiful architecture and unique culture. Greece is a very safe place, with a low crime rate. Also, the country has the lowest cost of living in the European Union, and the standard of living is high.

● 9th place – Iceland

With its stunning natural scenery, minimal red tape and excellent quality of life, Iceland is the ideal European country for expats. Glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and hot springs - all these wonders are the hallmark of the country.

The economy is another good reason why Iceland is a good choice for expats. This friendly country has a stable currency and low unemployment.


● 10th place – Germany

Germany provides its citizens and foreign residents with a high quality of life and economic stability. Therefore, it is not surprising that the largest number of expats in Europe live in Germany. There are many employment opportunities in the state, especially for highly qualified workers. At first glance, Germans are direct, diligent and maybe even a little cold, but this is not entirely true. Many of them are interesting, artistic and very friendly people.

Finding the perfect place for migration and moving abroad can be quite exciting, because it involves many components: finding housing, work, settling all bureaucratic aspects, moving things. However, probably the most important stage of preparation is the execution of an international health insurance policy, because it is the guarantee of a safe and peaceful stay in any country of the world. When choosing protection, contact only verified insurance agents.

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