Work in Germany: the most popular jobs for expats



Work in Germany: the most popular jobs for expats

Many people are considering moving to Germany in search of new opportunities. Due to the recent shortage of skilled workers in Germany, there are many opportunities for trained and qualified professionals in various fields. Find out about the most popular vacancies and tips for successful employment of expats in Germany

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Most people who plan to move abroad often worry about employment: will they be able to find a job in a new country and how relevant is their specialty? In Germany, as in many other countries of the world, there is a list of professions that have the greatest demand among expats.

Where do foreigners work in Germany? Below is a selection of the most popular jobs for expats in Germany.

Vacancies in the IT sector

The most popular area that most expats pay attention to is the technology sector, because IT experience gained in one country can easily be applied in another state.

There is also a minimal language barrier in the industry. Technical teams are usually multilingual, and most of the time they use programming languages or English when communicating. That is, finding a job in the IT sector is quite simple, because it doesn't matter where you come from, the main thing is your skills.

Popular tech jobs that are typically in demand in Germany among expats:

● IT specialist;

● IT consultant/analyst;

● Scientific specialist/data analyst;

● Software developer;

●UI/UX designers;

● Product manager.

Health care system

Many expats work in the healthcare sector. There is a shortage of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in German clinics. Depending on your specialty, you may need to take qualification courses to meet German standards. The most popular vacancies:

● Doctor;

● Nurse;

● Senior caretaker;

● Specialist in working with children.


Germany is a world leader in the field of mechanical engineering, which is why there are so many engineering vacancies in the country. The following specialists have excellent chances of finding a job in Germany:

● Engineer;

● Electrical engineer;

● Civil engineer;

● Specialist in working with metals;

● Electricians or electricians;

● Managers in the field of engineering.

Interesting fact! Every year, one million foreigners move to Germany for work, the largest share of people come from the USA, India, Italy, Great Britain and Spain.

The field of science and research

Many popular universities and research centers operate in Germany. Also, thanks to a strong economy and participation in European programs, the country provides scientists with good funding. That is why many scientists apply for a researcher's visa in Germany every year.

Guest lecturers or foreign researchers are a fairly common phenomenon in the European education system, as universities and research centers try to become international and attract foreign workers. It is also a good exchange of experience, because expats bring practices and research methods from their home countries and apply them in Germany or study European protocols to improve their level of knowledge.

The majority of research jobs in Germany are in technology, engineering and mathematics, but Germany certainly has opportunities for researchers in all fields. Popular vacancies:

● Scientist;

● Mathematician;

● Psychologist.

Tourism and hotel and restaurant business

Migrants with an average level of qualification and foreign students work most often in the tourism sector and the hotel and restaurant business. In order to find a job in this field, it is important to have a good command of German, especially if you plan to work with customers. Most expats work in:

● Retail trade;

● Barach;

● Hotels and hostels;

● In the field of customer service.

Foreign language teacher

Many expats find work as a foreign language teacher after moving to Germany. It is especially popular among migrants from English-speaking countries. Most Germans speak at least a basic level of English, but native speakers are always in high demand. Therefore, you can teach not only children in schools, but also become a specialist in business communication.

The vacancy of an English language teacher for refugees is also very popular at the moment. This is extremely useful work, as more and more people are coming from Ukraine. The demand for this vacancy is only growing.

● EFL teachers (English as a foreign language);

● Freelance English video lecturer;

● Teacher of business English.

Sales area

The headquarters of many international companies are located in Germany, and sales departments usually work in markets of different countries around the world. As a foreigner, you have unique knowledge about the operation of the market of the country of origin, the peculiarities of sales, habits and preferences of the population. Such knowledge is very valuable for the field of sales.

Popular vacancies:

● Sales representative;

● Customer service manager.


Almost every German company has a marketing department, and as the business develops, most corporations are increasingly looking for employees who speak different languages in order to enter the markets of other countries. If you have experience in developing content or strategies in international markets, then you definitely have a chance to get a marketing-related job in Germany:

● Digital marketer;

● Editor.

Tips for successful employment in Germany

Here are some useful tips to help you find a job in Germany:

● Learn German - to live and work comfortably in Germany, you need to learn the language. Also, one of the main requirements for obtaining a work visa is knowledge of the German language. Therefore, if you are planning to move to Germany, you should start attending courses in advance.

● Improve your qualifications – to get a job in Germany, you have to prove that you are the best candidate among all.

● Use your knowledge of your home country, especially if you work for an international company or a German business that wants to enter the global market. Experience of doing business in different countries of the world and consumer habits will be a huge plus for you.

● In order to legally work in Germany, a foreigner must obtain a work visa before moving. The list of documents and the procedure for issuing a permit depends on your citizenship. Look for the rules of entry to Germany on the Visit World portal.

● Sponsored visa – in most cases, in order to obtain a visa, a German company undertakes to sponsor you. Don't be afraid to ask managers right away during the interview whether they are willing to sponsor a visa application. In the long run, this will save you both a lot of time and effort if the firm is unwilling to sponsor you.

● Choose the right city to move to - different industries are the most developed in different cities in Germany. For example, if you want to work in banking or IT, you can focus on finding a job in Frankfurt. On the other hand, if you're more into media and fashion, then look out for Dusseldorf and the like.

● Configure notifications from job search sites for a specific position and region in which you are looking for work.

Legal advice from Igor Usyk, Head of Legal at Visit World

Please note that you are not allowed to work until you have received a residence permit, which entitles you to work, from the local authorities responsible for foreigners. However, you can start working if, after applying for a residence permit in accordance with § 24 AufenthG, you are granted a temporary residence permit in Germany until the final decision of the authorities responsible for foreigners (Fiktionsbescheinigung), which states "Work permit granted" ("Erwerbstätigkeit erlaubt").

Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip:

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