Jobcenter for refugees in Germany: what help Ukrainians can get

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Jobcenter for refugees in Germany: what help Ukrainians can get

The German Jobcenter provides financial assistance to refugees from Ukraine, helps them find a job, draw up documents, and other important services. Find out more about the changes that a Ukrainian is obliged to inform the Jobcenter about and what are the obligations of a Ukrainian registered with the Jobcenter

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Ukrainian refugees who have obtained the status of temporary protection in Germany receive the right not only to legal residence in the country, but also to social support. Depending on the age of Ukrainians, they are cared for by various institutions: pensioners and persons of disabled age apply to the Sozialamt, children are registered at the Jugendamt, and Ukrainians aged 15 to 67 cooperate with the Jobcenter.

What help does the Jobcenter offer to Ukrainians and what kind of institution is it? Details in our material.

What is a Jobcenter in Germany?

Jobcenter is a German employment center. Ukrainians who obtained temporary protection status in Germany and received a Fiktiobsbescheinigun can claim social support from the exchange. In order to have access to all types of assistance provided by the institution, it is necessary to register at the Jobcenter and register.

The main activity of the Jobcenter is assistance in finding a job, payment of social assistance and training, in particular German language courses. Ukrainians registered on the stock exchange have the same rights as citizens of Germany.

What help can Ukrainians get from the Jobcentr?

After a Ukrainian registers at the Jobcenter, he will receive a curator who will manage his case and help:

● Looking for a job (the curator will offer vacancies available on the stock exchange).

● In document processing (for example, if you need to confirm a diploma).

● Apply for integration courses paid for by the state (courses for learning the German language and getting to know the country).

● Find advanced training courses or acquire a new profession for free if the existing specialty is not very popular and promising on the German labor market.

● Apply for unemployment benefits and other types of social assistance to offset basic costs. If there are children in your family, they will also receive financial assistance.

● Apply for additional financial assistance from the Jobcenter - certain categories of people may apply for additional assistance from the Jobcenter, these include: pregnant women (after the 13th week of pregnancy); single parents raising a minor child on their own; persons with disabilities; people who medically need a special diet, etc. To apply for additional payments, you need to provide a certificate confirming your special status.

When will the meeting with the curator take place?

After registering in the Jobcenter, you will be notified of the date and time of the consultation with the curator, during which you will be able to learn more about the courses, training, confirmation of qualifications and available vacancies. On average, this will happen about a month after registration, but financial assistance begins to be paid immediately.

What kind of financial assistance does Jobcenter pay to Ukrainians?

Ukrainians who register at the Jobcenter of Germany can apply for:

1. Basic financial assistance for unemployment (Bürgergeld) to cover basic needs – buying food, clothes, paying for utilities, etc. The amount is calculated taking into account the income, that is, even employed people can apply for this support, if the amount of their salary is not high enough.

Assistance to the unemployed and low-income consists of:

● Financial support.

● Assistance in paying for housing - depending on the person's circumstances, the state can pay for apartment rent and utilities. Assistance for initial furnishing is also provided.

● Payment of the monthly health insurance fee.

● Additional financial assistance, for example, if persons with disabilities live in the family. Also, single parents can claim an allowance of 16-20% if their child is a minor. To apply for additional financial support, you need to write a separate application and fill out a questionnaire.

2. Financial assistance for child care - the payment amount is calculated individually, depending on life circumstances.

Money is accrued exclusively to meet basic needs. The payment will come monthly to an account in a German bank. Control over the spending of the provided funds is usually not conducted.

Duties of a Ukrainian registered at Jobcenter

A person registered with the Jobcenter must:

● Come to consultations at the appointed time (you cannot be called to the Jobcentre on Saturdays, Sundays or official holidays).

● Justify the refusal of the proposed job.

● Warn about changes in life or a planned move.

● Obtain permission to leave Germany if you only have a temporary Fiktionsbescheinigung card.

● Be available to your supervisor – respond relatively quickly to calls, letters or meeting invitations.

What changes is a Ukrainian obliged to notify Jobcenter about?

The Jobcenter monitors the ability of people (both Ukrainians and Germans) to provide for their basic needs. That is why you must inform the organization if:

● changed the Fiktionbescheinigung to an Aufenthalstitel residence permit;

● changed their contact data - address, phone, e-mail;

● your income increased - you started receiving a pension, your salary increased, etc.;

● your expenses have become higher - the rent for an apartment has become more expensive, the costs of heating the home have increased, etc.;

● found a job, entered a university or started attending courses;

● opened a new bank account;

● married or divorced;

● became pregnant or gave birth to a child;

● admitted to the hospital and will be unavailable for a certain time;

● changed the health insurance fund (Krankenkasse);

● are you planning to move or have decided to leave Germany altogether?

When you are registered with the Jobcenter, according to the rules, you have 21 days of vacation per year. Therefore, if you plan to leave even for a short time, you need to notify the Jobcenter in advance. If you need to leave for more than 21 days, you must coordinate this with your supervisor individually.

What do lawyers say?

Igor Usyk, Head of Legal Department at VisitWorld

"When implementing plans for employment in Germany, it is worth remembering that this process is accompanied by a number of legal nuances. First of all, it concerns permits and proper grounds for staying in the country.

It should be remembered that you cannot be employed unless you receive a residence permit that allows you to work on the basis of employment or if you receive a temporary residence permit from the authority in accordance with § 24 AufenthG (so-called "Paragraph 24"), which states: "Work is permitted". Exceptions to the restriction on the right to work are possible for Ukrainian citizens who hold a biometric passport, as they are entitled to visa-free entry. They can work if, for example, they hold managerial positions in companies or are scientists, researchers, charity workers, journalists and professional athletes and work in this field (§ 17 para. 2 of the Residence Ordinance (Aufenthaltsverordnung) in conjunction with § 30 of the Employment Ordinance (Beschäftigungsverordnung)).

According to Section 4a (2) AufenthG in conjunction with Section 31 BeschV (Employment Ordinance for Foreign Nationals), you do not need to obtain the consent of the Federal Employment Agency for a work permit. With a residence permit, you can also be self-employed and set up a business in Germany.

For clarification on specific problems, you can contact local counseling centers, as well as order a quality consultation from our lawyer in Germany, who will definitely help you solve your problems!"

How to notify Jobcentre about changes?

You can report any changes in your life situation:

● By e-mail - specify your individual registration number, attach scanned copies of supporting documents and fill out a special "Notification of changes" form.

● In your personal account – you will receive all the necessary data for entering the site after registering in the Jobcentre.

● In person during a visit to a specialist.

Jobcenter helps Ukrainians integrate into German society, find work and provide themselves with basic needs. However, at various stages of cooperation with the organization, you may have questions or controversial situations. The consultation of a highly qualified lawyer will help to understand the intricacies of German legislation.

The rules for entering Germany, the procedure for obtaining a work permit, the available entry options for the purpose of study or treatment, as well as the requirements for obtaining a residence permit or German citizenship, can be found at the link.

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