Paragraph 24 for refugees: eligibility for residence permit for asylum seekers in Germany in 2024

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Paragraph 24 for refugees: eligibility for residence permit for asylum seekers in Germany in 2024

Upon arrival in Germany, refugees from Ukraine must apply for temporary protection. This process is regulated by § 24 of the German Foreigners' Legal Status Act. It is on the basis of this section that refugees receive a temporary residence permit "Aufenthaltstitel". Find out how to obtain a temporary residence permit in Germany and the cost

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Germany ranks first in terms of the number of Ukrainian refugees, because the country has created favorable social conditions for forced migrants. According to the Federal Republic of Germany, since February 2022, more than 1.2 million people, including almost 350,000 children, have arrived here from Ukraine and received refugee status.

In 2024, Germany will continue to accept refugees from Ukraine and provide them with temporary protection status and social support in accordance with paragraph 24.

How can a Ukrainian get temporary protection in Germany in 2024? The procedure for registration and changes to paragraph 24 follows.

Entry rules for Ukrainians in Germany in 2024

Ukrainians can enter Germany without a visa and without a biometric passport in order to apply for temporary protection in the country (according to paragraph 24). Ukrainians can stay in Germany without a residence permit for only up to 90 days.

However, it is not possible to obtain the status of temporary protection in all regions of the country. Before the trip, it is necessary to find out which countries in Germany accept Ukrainians. This is an important condition, because refugees need to choose a region where they can find housing and work, as well as receive all social benefits.

As of the beginning of March 2024, the camps are operating in the following regions of Germany:

Berlin (Berlin)

1. Tegel (old airport) is the largest point of initial reception, from where refugees are resettled throughout the country. Contact via the link.

Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg)

The following points of initial reception most often distribute refugees to other federal states (Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse).

1. Karlsruhe (Durlacher Allee 100, 76137 Karlsruhe).

2. Meßstetten (Geißbühlstraße 51, 72469 Meßstetten).

3. Freiburg (Basler Landstraße 16, 79111 Freiburg).


München (Dachauer Str. 122a, 80637 München) - from the reception point there is a distribution in Bavaria.


Gießen (Rödgener Straße 59-61, 35394 Gießen Ankunftshalle) – accepts visitors on weekdays until 20:00.


These points for refugees accept people with pets, including large dogs.

1. Boostedt (Von-dem-Borne-Straße, 24598 Boostedt).

2. Seeth (Hauptstraße 100, 23845 Seeth).

North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

Bochum (Gersteinring 50, 44791 Bochum, Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung).

Saarland (Saarland)

Lebach (Schlesierallee 17, 66822 Lebach).

Thuringia (Thüringen)

Hermsdorf (Max-Hellermann-Straße 15, 07629 Hermsdorf).

What is Paragraph 24 in Germany?

Paragraph 24 of the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in Germany regulates the stay of foreigners in the country, as well as the further procedure of their integration.

On the basis of this paragraph, Ukrainian refugees receive an "Aufenthaltstitel" temporary residence permit in Germany, which allows them to legally live and work in Germany.

For the first time, temporary protection is issued for one year, but it can be extended for a period of up to three years.

Who has the right to apply for temporary protection in Germany on the basis of paragraph 24?

According to German law, immigrants from Ukraine can obtain the status of temporary protection (Vertriebene) according to paragraph 24. Those persons who lived on the territory of Ukraine before the start of a full-scale war, i.e. until February 24, 2022, have the right to apply. In particular, the following categories of people:

- Citizen of Ukraine.

- Family members of citizens of Ukraine.

- Stateless persons.

- Citizens of other states who, for various reasons, lived on the territory of Ukraine at the time of the outbreak of a full-scale war, who are unable to safely return to their home state.

How to apply for temporary protection status in Germany?

In order to issue a temporary residence permit on the territory of Germany "Aufenthaltstitel", it is necessary to submit an application for a simplified procedure for obtaining a corresponding permit for temporary protection, residence and employment to the nearest department of the Ausländerbehörde migration service.

1. Collect all necessary documents (passport or birth certificate for children, residence permit or address of your temporary residence in Germany)

2. Visit the office of the migration service and go through the biometric registration procedure on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. After completing the procedure, you will be issued a residence permit in Germany.

Obtaining the status of temporary protection in Germany now has certain peculiarities, because as we mentioned earlier, not all German states accept refugees from Ukraine. Consult a highly qualified lawyer to immediately choose the right region and get protection.

Social support for Ukrainians in Germany based on paragraph 24

Ukrainian who receives temporary protection status in Germany in accordance with paragraph 24 will have the following advantages:

- residence permit for the period of protection (it can be from a year or longer or until the end of the war in Ukraine);

- the right to work;

- the right to education and the opportunity to attend language courses for free;

- the right to housing (it can be refugee camps);

- social benefits from the Jobcenter;

- access to medical care;

- the possibility of obtaining refugee status in the future;

- the possibility to return to the native country at any time.

In addition to cash payments, Ukrainians can receive vouchers, in particular for the purchase of food, clothing, hygiene products and housing rent.


Amount of financial aid for Ukrainians in Germany in 2024

From January 2024, the amount of social benefits for Ukrainians in Germany was increased by 12%. Their monthly amount is:

- 563 euros for single persons;

- 506 euros for persons living as a couple;

- 451 euros for adults living in institutions;

- 471 euros for teenagers aged 14-17;

- 390 euros for children 6-13 years old;

- 357 euros for children under 5 years old.

Also, refugees from Ukraine can apply for additional financial support, in particular for personal school supplies (pens, colored pencils, calculators, notebooks or materials for needlework) in the amount of 130 euros in the first semester and 65 euros in the second semester.

Importantly! From 2024, Ukrainians will be entitled to Bürgergeld (unemployment benefit) only after receiving the so-called "reduced" benefit for 36 months. Previously, this term was 18 months. Reduced benefit, for example, for the childless, means a reduction of the payment by 92 euros. Also, the set of free medical services for its recipients has been significantly reduced.

At the same time, if after 36 months a person will still live in free housing and receive food, the payment will be reduced to the amount "which is really necessary". The exact amount of payments has not yet been announced.

Housing for Ukrainians in Germany

A Ukrainian has the right to receive free housing based on the status of temporary protection, but refugees must be ready to live for a long time in hangars, dormitories, containers or gyms, not necessarily near a big city. First of all, due to the fact that there is currently an acute housing shortage in Germany.

Upon arrival in Germany, Ukrainians are sent to temporary reception centers, which are actually asylums. At the second stage, refugees are resettled in different federal states.


Employment rules for refugees from Ukraine in Germany in 2024

On the basis of temporary protection, Ukrainians receive the right to work.

In 2024, refugees from Ukraine will be employed in Germany as part of the JobTurbo initiative. This program includes a number of principles aimed at the effective and rapid introduction of Ukrainians into the working environment.

- Changing the approach to language learning - earlier employment centers gave Ukrainians the opportunity to take language courses at the B2 level. From now on, priority will be given to language learning in the working environment, placing this task on the shoulders of employers.

- Qualifications and job preferences are now considered less of a priority.

The new program also provides for more frequent meetings with the employment center, which are planned to be held every 6 weeks, to provide more effective support and counseling for Ukrainian refugees.

Importantly! Germany's Ministry of Labor is considering a possible partial cancellation of benefits for those who refuse a job offer without a valid reason. After a person refuses a job offer, they can have their benefits reduced by 10% to 100%.

How to extend temporary protection in Germany?

Ukrainians who received a residence permit in Germany in 2022-2023 will have their temporary protection automatically extended until March 5, 2025. Refugees do not need to apply for an extension of status. Also, the procedure does not involve a personal meeting with the immigration authorities.

All residence permits obtained on the basis of Paragraph 24, which were valid as of February 1, 2024, were automatically extended.

Team of international lawyers can help with obtaining paragraph 24.

How much time and money does it take to apply for Paragraph 24?

Igor Usyk, Head of Legal at VisitWorld:

"After completing the biometric registration, you will be issued a Fiktionsbescheinigung (internal temporary document), which confirms that you have applied for and are waiting for an Aufenthaltstitel. 

The Aufenthaltstitel is printed at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin and this process can take several weeks.

From the moment you receive the Fiktionsbescheinigung, your stay in Germany becomes legal.

It is free to apply for temporary protection status in Germany. My team of international lawyers will be able to help you with obtaining the Paragraph 24."

Ukrainians who plan to stay in Germany after the war will need to obtain a German residence permit. It is also called an Aufenthaltstitel, but it is issued on the basis of a different purpose of staying in the country. Valid reasons include study or work. 

However, those who will be studying need to have financial support for the entire period of study, about €930 per month. Ukrainians wishing to apply for residence on the basis of a work contract should take into account that the job must be relevant to your education. There are also alternative options. To find out more, please consult a lawyer.

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