Medical care abroad: do Ukrainians need health insurance in Europe



Medical care abroad: do Ukrainians need health insurance in Europe

Not having a health insurance policy for traveling abroad can have unpleasant consequences. Find out more about why a Ukrainian needs a health insurance policy in Europe, what are the disadvantages of free health insurance for holders of temporary EU protection, and what are the advantages of private health insurance for Ukrainians in Europe

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Currently, a Ukrainian needs only a foreign or biometric passport to enter European countries. The number of mandatory documents for crossing the European border was significantly reduced initially in connection with the approval of visa-free travel, then the requirements became even simpler under martial law. However, another important element of any foreign trip is a health insurance policy.

Before the start of the full-scale invasion, travel insurance was a mandatory document for leaving the country according to the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism". Now insurance is required less often at the border. At the same time, most European countries accept Ukrainian refugees and provide them with free access to medical services. When you consider these two facts, it may seem that health insurance is no longer necessary, but this is not entirely true.

We will talk about whether Ukrainians need a health insurance policy in Europe.

Why does a Ukrainian need a health insurance policy in Europe?

● Reimbursement of expenses in case of illness

The health care system in European countries is based on insurance - the insurance company pays for the treatment of patients. Each person independently chooses the package of services and the amount of coverage. If there is no policy, you will have to pay for the provided medical care from your own funds. Considering that medical services abroad are very expensive, even minor health problems in the absence of insurance can be expensive. For example, in Norway, an appointment with a family doctor for uninsured persons will cost 30 euros, an appointment with a specialist in the Czech Republic will cost from 40 euros. A day of inpatient stay in Germany costs 125 euros, and for calling an ambulance in Switzerland, you will generally have to pay 800 euros. Instead, the average cost of insurance per day is only €0.78.

● Possibility to buy medicines in European pharmacies

In most European countries, medicine can be bought at a pharmacy only with a prescription, and in order to get it, you need to visit a doctor and pay for the appointment. Expenses for specialist consultation can be compensated at the expense of the policy. Also, on the basis of insurance, you can get free medicines.

● Mandatory document for issuing permits

The health insurance policy is included in the list of mandatory documents for issuing most permit documents in Europe:

- National visa of category "D" - educational, work, medical, business, etc.

- Temporary residence permits.

- Permits for permanent stay in the country.

- Citizenship.

What are the disadvantages of the free medical insurance that temporary protection holders receive in European countries?

Ukrainians arriving in European countries as refugees apply for temporary protection status, which entitles them to residence, work, social support, education and free medical care. However, free health insurance has certain disadvantages:

● Limited term of insurance. This opportunity is not for life, but is valid only for a certain period, after which you need to buy the policy yourself. Medical insurance is most often given to refugees from Ukraine abroad for 5 months from the moment they arrive in the country. For example, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria have already informed refugees about the need to pay for insurance services themselves.

● Queues. If you plan to visit a medical institution based on free insurance, then you should be prepared for long queues. And it's not just a few hours at the doctor's office. Usually, you have to wait for an appointment from several weeks to months. In case of an acute illness, and for the majority of Ukrainians abroad - mothers with children - it is simply impossible to wait for their turn in a state hospital.

● Language barrier. If you still do not have a perfect command of the language of the country of residence, it can be quite difficult to get a doctor's consultation.

● A small list of diseases and methods of treatment. In most countries, free treatment is available for a limited list of diseases. Also, the period of stay in the hospital can be strictly regulated.

● Limited territory of insurance. The state health insurance policy guarantees medical care exclusively in the country where the refugee has issued temporary protection. That is, if you need medical assistance while traveling or transiting through another European country, you will have to pay extra for it.

A health insurance policy that you can purchase before your trip to Europe will protect you from the troubles listed above and guarantee the provision of qualified medical care.

What does a private health insurance policy cover?

The health insurance policy from Ukrainian insurance agents covers the following risks:

- urgent outpatient or inpatient care;

- transportation to a medical facility;

- evacuation to Ukraine, if it is expedient for treatment;

- payment of medicines;

- urgent dental care.

Depending on the client's needs, the list of services can be expanded.

What are the advantages of private health insurance for Ukrainians in Europe?

In addition to covering the above-mentioned risks, health insurance policy holders receive many benefits:

1. The possibility to consult a doctor in any medical institution of the host country. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly shorten the waiting period for the appointment of a specialist.

2. The right to a remote consultation of a Ukrainian doctor - this will allow you to receive a consultation in the shortest possible time and avoid the language barrier.

3. Round-the-clock online support of a Ukrainian-speaking specialist.

4. The possibility to expand the list of services - in addition to the basic package, the client can add compensation for the costs of treatment of chronic diseases or emergency dentistry services, assistance for injuries during sports, etc.

So, a health insurance policy is an important document that you must have when traveling outside of Ukraine. When taking out a health insurance policy, we advise you to pay attention to its advantages and features, as well as to choose verified insurance agents. You can take out reliable insurance with guaranteed payments in just a few minutes on the Visit World portal.

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