Working in Germany for foreigners without knowledge of the language: features and possible options

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Working in Germany for foreigners without knowledge of the language: features and possible options

Looking for a job in another country can be difficult for many reasons: long adaptation, inability to find a common language, lack of acquaintances, etc. Find out if it is possible to find a job in Germany without knowing the language and what you need to do

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Millions of people from Europe and the CIS countries come to Germany for employment. To find a job, you can use the services of an employment agency or apply directly to the employer. There are many options for employment: long-term contract work, temporary seasonal employment for students, etc. You can find options that do not require excellent German language skills, but it is still desirable to have at least basic skills.

Finding a job in Germany without knowledge of German

Of course, it is hardly possible to find a prestigious job with a high salary without knowledge of the language. However, there are many vacancies available on the market for which language skills are not required. They involve physical labor with heavy loads, and earnings are unlikely to be very high. Among the possible options: work in factories, warehouses, shops, cleaning offices, hotels or private homes, etc. That is, work that involves physical practice rather than communication with people.

Persons who have completed a university degree in their home country and wish to continue working with this qualification in Germany must have their documents certified and translated into German. It is also a prerequisite to obtain a German language certificate at a level not lower than B1 for technical specialties and C1 for humanitarian professions.

Possible employment options for foreigners in Germany without knowledge of the language

Foreigners who came to Germany for employment and did not have time to master the language at the proper level can apply for the following vacancies:

1. Cleaner. This profession does not require any work experience, special skills, or language skills. Most companies are switching to machine maintenance using dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, etc. Therefore, the worker will not need to be overworked;

2. Handyman. It involves employment in manufacturing enterprises, factories, and warehouses. The worker will have a stable income and challenging physical activities;

3. Driver. Transportation in the trade sector has always been in demand, as drivers are constantly needed to deliver equipment, food, or work products. The main requirement is to have an international driver's license of the appropriate type;

4. Construction worker. The construction industry requires a wide range of professions, from certified masters to ordinary workers. The main disadvantage is the seasonality of work;

5. Work in trade enterprises. Supermarkets offer many vacancies that do not require language skills: loader, sorter, packer of goods, etc;

6. Work in the hotel and restaurant industry. Workers without knowledge of German can work in the kitchen, as dishwashers or cleaners. A basic knowledge of the language will allow you to work as a waiter and get good tips;

7. Work in the field of agriculture. Agricultural enterprises are constantly in need of workers to work in greenhouses, harvest, care for animals, etc. Language skills are not required.

Jobs in Germany for foreigners with knowledge of English

German companies sometimes conduct their business communication in English. This opens up opportunities for foreigners with a good command of English. They can work in sales, procurement, IT, marketing promotion, management, design, etc.

Expats looking for a job with English proficiency should consider the following German locations for permanent residence:

1. Berlin - the international center of the country: tourism, management, hotel and restaurant business;

2. Frankfurt - IT, logistics, banking;

3. Munich - electronics, automotive production and programming;

4. Düsseldorf - media, telecommunications, fashion and modern technologies;

5. Hamburg - aviation and maritime industry.

Salary for foreigners in Germany without language skills

Employees who do not have even basic communication skills in German or English can only claim the minimum wage. The average salary per working hour in Germany is 11 euros. This figure may vary depending on the city and the field of activity. If an employee has experience as a cook, bartender, packer, or waiter, he or she may be paid more.

Sometimes employers can provide free housing and even meals for their workers. This will allow you to significantly save your budget.

People planning to move to Germany for official employment are advised to attend German language courses in their home country. Advance preparation will open up many opportunities for decent income and high quality housing. But don't be discouraged if you didn't have time to master the language before moving. There are plenty of job opportunities available on the market that don't require German skills.

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