What kind of work in Luxembourg is in the greatest demand among foreigners?



What kind of work in Luxembourg is in the greatest demand among foreigners?

Employment in Luxembourg has many specific features. The labor market here is multilingual, which requires language skills depending on the chosen field of activity. Find out more about the specifics of employment in Luxembourg, required documents and popular vacancies

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Luxembourg is a small Western European country with a stable economy and high living standards. The main sectors of the economy are finance and banking and the metallurgical industry. The standard of living in this country is the highest in the EU. This is confirmed by high salaries that attract labor migrants from all over the world to Luxembourg. According to official statistics, 40% of Luxembourg's residents are immigrants.

Features of the labor market in Luxembourg

Employment in Luxembourg involves the fulfillment of some mandatory steps:

1. Submission by the employer of an official document to the National Employment Administration (ADEM) on the intention to employ a foreign national;

2. Making the vacancy publicly available for at least 3 weeks. If no local residents are suitable for the position during this period, foreign employees may be hired;

3. Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner to be employed by a particular employer;

4. Signing a contract, obtaining a visa and a residence permit.

Foreigners will not be able to come to Luxembourg first and only then start looking for a job. This is considered a gross violation of the law and is subject to a large fine. Employers often provide free accommodation and meals for their foreign employees, and always pay for overtime.

Popular vacancies for foreigners in Luxembourg

Luxembourg provides excellent working conditions, which attracts migrant workers from all over the world. The labor market is fiercely competitive for available vacancies. Both highly skilled graduates and ordinary workers have a chance to find a job. Vacancies in the following areas are most in demand:

1. IT industry;

2. Transportation and logistics;

3. Banking;

4. Construction and engineering;

5. Management and administration;

6. Tourism industry.

However, less prestigious vacancies without the need for higher education are also in demand:

1. Agriculture;

2. Home and child care;

3. Hotel and restaurant services.

A fairly common option for employment in Luxembourg is the shift method, as well as seasonal employment. It is almost impossible to find a job without at least a basic knowledge of English, German or French. The knowledge must be confirmed by an official certificate.

Employment procedure for foreigners in Luxembourg

EU citizens can work in Luxembourg without the need to obtain permits. However, immigrants from other countries will have to go through a number of mandatory procedures. The most difficult stage is finding an employer and concluding an employment contract. Luxembourg employs many Europeans, so competition in the labor market is very high.

Foreign nationals must pass a medical examination and provide documentary evidence of their qualifications. After signing the contract, it is necessary to obtain a work permit, an employment visa and a residence permit. Exceptions are vacancies for nannies, caregivers, housekeepers, and circus performers. After signing the contract, it is mandatory to apply to the Consulate of Luxembourg for a temporary residence permit and a visa.

Obtaining a visa for foreigners to work in Luxembourg

Citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland can officially work in Luxembourg without the need for a visa. Residents of other countries cannot stay in Luxembourg for more than 90 days without a visa. The approved package of documents, as well as their notarized translation into one of the official languages of Luxembourg, must be submitted to the consulate.

To apply for a work visa, you can contact the Luxembourg Consulate in your home country. For the first time, you will be issued a category C permit for a period of up to 90 days. After its expiration, you can apply for a C multivisa for 2 years with the possibility of extension up to 5 years.

Temporary work permit in Luxembourg for foreigners

Temporary residence permits are issued by the Luxembourg Department of Foreigners. Currently, it is possible to obtain the following categories of permits

1. A - valid for up to 1 year for one vacancy only;

2. B - valid for up to 4 years for one vacancy only;

3. C - unlimited validity for different vacancies;

4. D - unlimited validity for training and practice.

For detailed advice on collecting the necessary documents, you can contact the staff of the diplomatic missions of Luxembourg, as well as qualified lawyers. 

Upon arrival in Luxembourg, it is necessary to register at one of the municipal bureaus at the place of residence no later than 3 days later. Then the foreigner must undergo a medical examination and apply for a residence permit. 

The first visa is issued for 1 year, with possible extensions. On its basis, you can work only for a specific vacancy. After 5 years of residence in Luxembourg, you can obtain a permanent residence permit, and after 10 years - citizenship.

So, Luxembourg is the "banking" capital of Europe, which is also known for agriculture, nature and architecture. It is one of the most expensive, comfortable and safe countries in the world. Among the advantages of employment in Luxembourg are a well-developed infrastructure, high salaries, numerous government benefits, and a stable economy.

Igor Usyk - Head of Legal Department at Visit World

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