Different New Year's Traditions Around the World



Different New Year's Traditions Around the World

New Year is a truly international holiday, one of the most popular calendar days. This event has been celebrated around the world for many centuries. Find out more about the traditions and peculiarities of New Year's Eve celebrations in different countries

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The holiday is coming! New Year's Eve is a day that unites us all, regardless of our religion or beliefs. Even those who don't believe in Santa Claus or Santa Claus celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. Each country has its own unique traditions and even special dates for celebrations.

We have prepared an interesting selection to tell you what unusual New Year's rituals exist in different countries.


Finland is the real homeland of Santa Claus, known here as Joulupukki, who lives in Lapland. At midnight, Finns take to the streets, launch fireworks and tell fortunes for the coming year using wax and tin. Kemi, one of the cities of Finland, is famous for its annual snow and ice festival. Near the city there is an impressive 20 thousand square meters snow castle that has become the pride of the country.

Great Britain

Residents of the UK celebrate the New Year in a relaxed manner. Instead of loud parties, their celebration is based on unwritten rules. On New Year's Eve, everyone is free to visit any house, even strangers, and they are obliged to give them a warm welcome. Guests are encouraged to bring pastries, whiskey, and even a small piece of coal, which is thrown into the family hearth, accompanied by a wish that the fire burns as long as possible in this house.