Winter travel in Europe: the best and cheapest destinations



Winter travel in Europe: the best and cheapest destinations

Winter in Europe always has a special charm and offers great travel opportunities. Snow-covered architectural masterpieces, Christmas markets, and mountain resorts await their visitors. Find out more about the best and cheapest winter adventure destinations in Europe

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

When a blanket of snow covers Europe, fabulous travel routes open up. The most attractive and affordable winter destinations offer unique experiences and fabulous emotions. If you're not sure where to go, check out the ten budget-friendly countries on our list. Whether you love winter sports or are looking for a relaxing vacation, this list will satisfy your needs, giving you magical moments of adventure and emotion without spending too much money

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Winter Bulgaria is an impressive symphony of mountain peaks and cultural experiences that entangle tourists in unique melodies. The heart of Eastern Europe hides a real treasure that is revealed only during a winter adventure in Bulgaria.

The ski resort of Bansko is known not only for its crystal slopes, but also for the hospitality that is woven into every part of this place. When you first climb to the top of Piran Mountain, your heart beats wildly with delight at the panoramic view of the white cover gently embracing you.

Bansko, in addition to its impressive mountains, offers a variety of accommodation. From cozy mountain hotels to apartments overlooking snowy peaks, everyone will find their perfect place to stay. Accommodation prices are impressively affordable, starting at 35 euros per night for a comfortable hotel and going up to 180 euros for a luxury apartment.

Ski passes, which open the door to the endless world of ski trails, can be purchased for €515 for a six-day period. This cost becomes an integral part of an unforgettable vacation, giving you the opportunity to enjoy skiing on slopes that fascinate with their beauty and diversity.

Beyond skiing adventures, Bulgaria offers a cultural treasure trove. The country's capital, Sofia, beckons with its cobblestone streets and architectural grandeur. Visit the Ivan Vazov Folk Theater to deepen your knowledge of Bulgarian culture, or take a stroll through Vitosa, which is home to thousands of years of history.

In addition to its history, Bulgaria is also famous for its cuisine. Try local dishes such as banitsi - thin layers of dough with filling, or kavarma - a traditional meat dish. A real gastronomic adventure awaits those who are ready to discover new flavors.


Romania, with its rich history and natural beauty, attracts those looking for an unrivaled winter experience without spending a lot of money. In winter, traveling in this country, travelers can discover the medieval charm of cities embedded in the Carpathian Mountains, such as Brasov and Sibiu.

The Poyana Brasov ski resort offers ideal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts. For affordable packages, this area treats you to breathtaking views and the possibility of fun in winter. Accommodation in Poyana Brasov starts from 40 euros per night, and the variety of hotels offers options to suit every taste and budget.

Those who choose non-skiing adventures will be able to discover the beauty of Romania from big cities to cozy provincial towns, where accommodation prices also remain within reason.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, offers travelers not only historical sights, but also a huge selection of restaurants and entertainment venues. Foodies and cultural enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities for exciting experiences during their winter vacation in Romania.


A winter trip to Poland is a real miracle that combines the fun excitement of discovery with spectacular scenery that leaves an unforgettable impression. It is in winter that this country turns into a fairy-tale land, with huge snowy fields that emphasize the uniqueness of the Polish landscape.

The first stop of the trip is Kraków, a city with a rich history and charming architecture. The Old Town, with its narrow streets and the heart of the city - the Marketplace, where the Royal Route leads, shines crystal clear in the snow. St. Bartholomew's Cathedral is especially impressive when the sun shines on its Gothic towers and stained-glass windows. The Market is full of shops where you can taste authentic Polish sausage and sour cabbage dumplings.

The next stop is Zakopane, a picturesque mountain village covered with a fabulous white blanket. This is a real paradise for downhill skiing enthusiasts. When descending from the high peaks, every step will be a thrill, and the panoramic views of the Tatra Mountains will leave an unforgettable impression.

Wrocław, a city of canals and bridges wrapped in white, is no less charming. Walking through the narrow streets, you will feel the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. Wrocław's market, alive with colorful fairs and harmonious lighting, will become a real Christmas fairy tale.

In addition to cities, Poland impresses with picturesque landscapes and accessible ski resorts. Cozy accommodation is available for every traveler, allowing you to enjoy the culture and history of the country without burdening your budget. Poland is not just a trip, but a real winter wonderland accessible to everyone.