The most popular destinations in Europe in 2024: AI ranking



The most popular destinations in Europe in 2024: AI ranking

In 2024, new prospects for the development of various regions in Europe are opening up, including Piedmont (Italy), New Aquitaine (France), and East Anglia (UK). According to AI, these destinations have the potential to become leaders in the travel industry. Learn more about the features of AI's ranking of the most popular destinations in Europe in 2024

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Significant changes are expected in the travel world in 2024 as tourists prefer outdoor activities in natural locations. Mabrian's high-tech analysis of travel trends has revealed the regions of Europe where the largest flow of tourists is expected.

Artificial intelligence analyzed millions of mentions of travel on social media, where people expressed their plans and desires. This information served as the basis for identifying the top destinations that meet the demand for active recreation. According to Mabrian, people increasingly value nature and adventure beyond traditional tourist destinations.

The report also takes into account air travel data, determining the accessibility and convenience of traveling to the chosen destination. Thus, the vineyard hills and natural pearls of the Norfolk Broads are becoming tourist favorites, setting new standards for travel in Europe for the coming years.

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How the most popular destinations in Europe were chosen

Modern travel is undergoing an evolution, giving preference to experimental and non-standard vacation formats. This has highlighted a global trend where tourists choose not only traditional vacations, but also active, gastronomic and nature tourism. 

According to Mabrian research, the popularity of such experiments has increased by 8% since 2019. Even with this growth, cultural tourism remains a key motive for travel in Europe. The analysis of destinations for 2024 shows that tourists prefer places that combine an experimental approach with the preservation of cultural heritage, setting new standards for travel.

The most popular country in Europe in 2024

Italy is setting new standards in the travel world, coming out on top with four potential trending destinations. Thanks to its charm, Piedmont managed to top the list with its unique combination of cultural treasures, natural beauty and exceptional gastronomy. From the unique white truffle fair in Alba to the spring slopes of Via Lattea, from the magical vineyards of Lange to the shimmering waters of Lake Maggiore, the northwestern region of Italy is becoming the most desirable travel destination.

The international airport of Turin makes it accessible to travelers from all over the world, contributing to easy travel planning. However, Italy is not limited to Piedmont: Campania, Lombardy, and Emilia-Romagna also occupy important positions on the list of trending destinations. Amazing historical sites, spectacular natural landscapes, and exquisite cuisine make Italy the undisputed leader in identifying new destinations for travelers who want not only to relax but also to immerse themselves in a unique cultural flavor.

Popular destinations in Europe according to AI forecast

The New Aquitaine region in France attracts attention and takes a well-deserved second place thanks to its vineyards, culinary delights, and spectacular nature. Famous oysters and exquisite Bordeaux wines make this southwestern region a true gourmet paradise. In addition, New Aquitaine is famous as the gateway to amazing hiking trails and ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

The East of England, located in third place, impresses with its balance between culture and nature. From the prestigious museums of Cambridge to the tranquil rivers of the Norfolk Broads, this region is easily accessible from London and international airports.

France is back in fourth place, but this time with Occitania. Here, the orchards, hiking trails of Le Pay-en-Velay and the UNESCO-recognized Canal du Midi make the region a great place to travel. Cities such as Toulouse and Montpellier add variety and dynamism.

In sixth place is North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, which impresses not only with its fairy-tale castles but also with Cologne. Hamburg in Germany, ranked ninth, impresses with its architecture and cultural heritage. Lisbon in Portugal rounds out the list, coming in tenth place with its unique atmosphere and historical appeal.

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