Best Study Programmes in Italy for International Students in 2024



Best Study Programmes in Italy for International Students in 2024

Italy is known not only for its exquisite architecture, fine cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, but also for its quality higher education, which offers a wide range of study programmes. Find out more about the most popular study programmes in 2024

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In addition to popular tourist attractions, Italy is also known for having the first higher education institution in Europe. The education system in Italy is considered the oldest and most popular. Every year, tens of thousands of international students come here, mainly thanks to the Erasmus exchange programme. 

The main advantages for students are a simple admission process, the availability of government scholarships and freedom in choosing academic subjects. Higher education in Italy is prestigious, and the country's specialists, especially in the fields of architecture, design, fashion and urban planning, are respected in Europe. According to statistics, the most students come to Italy from SpainPortugalBelgium and Bulgaria.

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Higher education system in Italy

The education system in Italy is known for its accessibility and flexibility. Admission to Italian universities is quite simple, as the number of places is not limited. There is no need to pass entrance exams or language tests, which makes the admission process even more attractive. It is enough to have only a school certificate and the necessary package of documents: copies of passports, letters of recommendation and motivation.

The cost of higher education in Italy is also impressive: about 2,500 euros per academic year. In addition, the country has many scholarships available to international students. Among them are social state scholarships that can reach up to €14,000 per academic year, as well as scholarships from universities, which range from €1,000 to €10,000 per year. This is done to attract as many students as possible to the country.

The peculiarities of higher education in Italy are that students are given great freedom in choosing subjects and lectures, and there are practically no curricula. Subjects are taught in both Italian and English. Two exam sessions are held annually, in February and July, and the exams are often oral. The results are measured on a scale from 0 to 30 points, with 18 points considered a passing grade.

Peculiarities of obtaining a bachelor's and master's degree for international students in Italy

Good news for applicants to Italy: the duration of study for a bachelor's degree has been reduced from 4 to 3 years. The bachelor's degree programme is mainly focused on theoretical lectures, although practical classes are not uncommon. The final stage is the writing of a final thesis.

As for the master's degree, it takes only two years of study. An interesting fact: a bachelor's degree is enough to get a job in Italy after graduation. Thus, the master's degree is usually applied for by those students who intend to continue their education in doctoral studies or seek more specialised training.

Ranking of universities in Italy

Universities in Italy are known for their variety of study programmes. They offer education in the humanities, mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, natural sciences and other fields. However, the most prestigious and recognised not only within the country but also abroad are architecture, design and urban planning. In these fields, a particularly high level of education is known in such universities as the University of Bologna, the University of Turin and, of course, the Polytechnic Institute of Milan.

When assessing the internal ranking, it is worth paying attention to the University of Rome La Sapienza, the Polytechnic Institute of Milan and the University of Bologna. The first two are among the top 200 best educational institutions in Europe. In addition to a high level of education, these universities provide student scholarships with decent financial support, which makes studying at them even more attractive for international students.

Let's have a look at the most popular fields of study in Italy:

Fashion and design courses. It is not surprising that Rome and Milan are the world capitals of fashion. These two cities are home to some of the best fashion and design scenes in the world. Italian universities offer a wide range of courses beyond fashion design. In digital design courses, you can choose from areas such as product design and interior design. So, if you are interested in a career in fashion, Italy is a great choice.

Hospitality and tourism. Tourism and hospitality is another field that is always in demand in Italy. In Italy, you have the opportunity to study with leading experts in the field in courses such as hotel management, tourism and event management. Some of these courses are dedicated to the management of relevant aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. Italy has over 3500 hotels with a four-star rating, making it a valuable example for hospitality and hotel management colleges.

Social sciences and humanities. These courses provide insight into human behaviour and its overall impact on modern society, the economy, the environment, culture and politics. Students can enrol in a wide range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including public administration, international cooperation, world politics and international relations.

Business and Management. MBA, MIM and MMM courses in Italy are among the most rewarding in Europe, both for students and working professionals. After all, management is all-pervasive. A career in management is essential in almost every aspect of life. In Italy, there is a wide range of opportunities and courses for aspiring managers. In addition, these courses provide candidates with relevant work-related training. By enrolling in curriculum-based courses, students learn a lot and can apply it to their daily lives. Numerous MBA programmes at these universities have been recognised as "the best budget MBA programmes in Europe". According to the Financial Times, SDA Bocconi, the largest and most prestigious business school in Italy, is included in the list of the world's best MBAs.

The most popular universities for international students in Italy

In 2024, there are many great courses for international students in Italy in various fields of study. Here are some of the best courses that students might be interested in:

1. University of Bologna (Università di Bologna): known for its history and high level of education. The University of Bologna offers a variety of programmes in the arts, humanities, life sciences, and more;

2. La Sapienza University in Rome (Università di Roma "La Sapienza"): is the largest university in Italy and offers a wide range of programmes in all fields, including engineering, medicine, economics and law;

3. Politecnico di Milano: known for its programmes in design, engineering and architecture, this university attracts students from all over the world for its innovative and practical training;

4. Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia: specialising in the humanities, economics and international relations, this university offers a variety of programmes in English for international students;

5. University of Padua (Università di Padova): one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Padua offers a variety of programmes in all fields, including medicine, life sciences, humanities and social sciences.

These are just a few examples of universities and educational institutions in Italy that offer high quality programmes for international students. I also recommend that you visit the official websites of these universities and research their programmes, admission requirements, and scholarship opportunities.

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