The most affordable places to buy real estate abroad in 2024



The most affordable places to buy real estate abroad in 2024

Buying real estate abroad is becoming an increasingly relevant opportunity for many investors and expats. Real estate abroad can serve as an effective tool for diversifying an investment portfolio, reducing risks and ensuring stability. Find out more about how you can benefit from buying real estate in Montenegro or Northern Cyprus

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In the search for affordable and profitable world-class real estate, Montenegro and Northern Cyprus are setting new standards. These countries are becoming the perfect choice for investors. With Montenegro and Northern Cyprus, choosing real estate is not only financially rewarding, but also adds aesthetic charm to your life. These countries combine the attractiveness of natural landscapes, cultural heritage and exclusive opportunities for comfortable living.

What is meant by affordable real estate

Cheaper does not always mean affordable. Affordability is evident when a property meets your preferences while remaining within a reasonable price range. Price comparisons are made taking into account the market range of similar properties. The term "affordable housing" is relative and may vary depending on the financial capabilities of the buyer. In general, affordable housing aims to provide decent and safe living while keeping the price range at an optimal level. Determining the balance between price and quality becomes key at this stage.

Best countries to find affordable real estate

There are 2 key areas for successful real estate purchase. Montenegro on the Adriatic and Northern Cyprus have become leaders in terms of affordability and budget. With the help of statistical data, they confirm their attractiveness to buyers, providing an opportunity to find the perfect home in accordance with expectations and without exceeding financial limits. Thus, Montenegro and Northern Cyprus are becoming the optimal choices for those looking for affordable and suitable real estate abroad.

Buying real estate in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is not only a picturesque location for buying real estate, but also a promising investment with numerous advantages. Real estate on this Mediterranean island can be a profitable option for those looking for comfortable housing at affordable prices and the benefits of a financial investment.

Firstly, real estate in Northern Cyprus offers a variety of styles and formats, meeting the needs of different buyers. From luxurious villas with sea views to economical flats, you will find a suitable option.

The savings that can be realized when buying property in Northern Cyprus are also an encouraging factor. According to comparative data, investing in real estate on this island can save up to 40% compared to countries with a similar standard of living, such as Greece.

Low real estate prices help buyers make a wise choice while getting high quality housing. Modern villas with all amenities and sea views in Northern Cyprus can cost significantly less than similar properties in other European countries.

Flats in Northern Cyprus also attract with their affordability. This is a good option for those looking for cost-effective housing with a wide range of amenities near the sea. Compared to prices for similar properties in London or Liverpool, prices in the north of Cyprus are extremely attractive.

Buying property in Northern Cyprus has its own additional advantages. The cost of living is much lower, which allows you to save money and invest it in further investments or entertainment.

According to the latest reports of the Central Bank of Northern Cyprus, the value of real estate on the island is constantly growing, making this region even more attractive to investors. To summarize, investing in Northern Cyprus is not only an affordable opportunity to get a home at a reasonable price, but also a promising investment with great growth potential.

For more information about Northern Cyprus, please refer to the checklist here.

Buying real estate in Montenegro

Montenegro, located in Southeastern Europe, is defined as an attractive investment centre with affordable housing. Two coastal settlements - Budva and Kotor - are particularly attractive, and have gained popularity among those looking for real estate in this charming country.