To Turkey on permanent residence. What should be taken into account?

Residence permit


To Turkey on permanent residence. What should be taken into account?

Turkey attracts foreigners not only as a holiday country near the warm sea, but also for departure to permanent residence. But moving to another country is a serious decision that requires careful planning and preparation. We tell you what you need to consider when considering moving to Turkey for permanent residence

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel, stay or work abroad

Foreigners who come to Turkey permanently may live, work and study under the same conditions as nationals. To obtain a permanent residence permit in Turkey, a foreigner must take advantage of one of the legalization programs and live in Turkey for 8 years. How to move to Turkey on permanent residence and what are the faster alternatives - read more in the article.

Should I move to Turkey?

Turkey attracts many wishing to start a new life in that country.  The warm climate, high quality of health services and affordable cost of living are important factors.

Moving to Turkey can be particularly attractive for real estate investors, which provides the basis for obtaining residence permits, citizenship, as well as favorable conditions for business (economic confidence index - 92/100).

There are significant benefits to living in Turkey: economic growth, easy employment (especially by an engineer, tourist specialist, translator, cook), low food prices and extensive travel opportunities. 

However, there are also features.  Small-scale crime is a problem in large cities.  Some migrants may also find it difficult to adapt because of differences in legislation, Muslim culture and language. 

Despite this, the number of foreigners who moved to Turkey on permanent residence in 2023 was 1,300,000.

Available immigration programs


It is recommended to start the process of relocation with a temporary residence permit, which is the first step before obtaining a permanent residence permit.

In Turkey, the temporary residence permit is called "Ikamet" (ikamet). It can be issued for a period of six to five years. Approaching the end of the validity of the residence permit, it must be extended until the permanent residence.

1. Investing

Foreigners can invest in a Turkish company, create at least 50 jobs, invest in funds, banks, government bonds, or buy property worth at least $400,000. In this case, a temporary residence permit is issued for five years.

Investing is also one of the most attractive ways to acquire Turkish citizenship.  How to get a Turkish passport and what benefits follow read more .

2. Family reunification


Marriage to a Turkish citizen allows obtaining a temporary residence permit for 3 years with the possibility of extension and request for permanent residence.


This option also applies to children if at least one of their parents is a resident or a Turkish citizen. It is also possible to invite minor children or children over the age of 18 who are in the care of their parents.


3. Turquoise map


High-level investors, recognized personalities in education, science, sports, technology and highly skilled professionals can use this option of immigration to Turkey.

Applications for immigration must be submitted jointly by the applicant and family members.

"Turquoise Map" is issued for three years with the appointment of an expert for monitoring. If the card has not been cancelled during this period, it may be converted to perpetual status.

4. Real estate acquisition

The value of the property, allowing to get ikamet, is at least 200,000 USD. This is one site and its cadastral value. The residence permit is issued for one year and may be renewed regularly as long as the applicant remains the owner of the property.

It should be noted that foreigners are not allowed to buy plots of 30 hectares.

5. Employment or business

Turkish citizens and foreign investors are equal in starting a business.  A foreigner who has concluded an employment contract with a Turkish company may obtain a temporary residence permit, which is also a proof of residence.  

Why Ikamet is Important

Moving to Turkey entails switching to local cellular services.

Cost of SIM card with Internet for residents and citizens is about 250 lire. If you register a SIM card on a foreign passport, its cost will be one third more expensive than when registering on Ikamet.

Opening bank accounts is also a natural process, but not all banks are ready to serve customers without resident status. 

For persons with temporary residence permits there are no commissions and compulsory deposits for opening an account in lira or dollars, while for clients without this status, the amount of deposits can be significant, starting from 10,000 lire.

How to move to Turkey for permanent residence

1. Visa processing

The foreigner issues a long-term visa, which gives the right to stay in Turkey for up to a year.  It is important that the validity of the foreign passport does not expire earlier than 60 days after the expiry of the visa.

2. Obtaining a residence permit

Application for residence permit is submitted through the electronic portal E-IKAMET. The original documents must be submitted to the Migration Service Centre, in the city where the foreigner will live.

An application for extension of the residence permit is submitted to the governorate two months before the expiry of the residence permit.

3. Permanent residence registration

 The basic rule for obtaining permanent residence is to reside continuously in the country on the basis of ikamet for eight years. If the ikamet is obtained on the basis of marriage to a Turkish citizen, this period is reduced to three years.

Conditions such as permanent income and health insurance must also be met. A migrant should not have received State benefits for three years and should not pose a danger to Turkish society.

After the submission of the application, the application is considered within 90 days, after which the applicant is issued a card of permanent resident.

The total cost of preparing for permanent residence in Turkey is estimated at approximately $426.


Necessary documents

The general list of documents for opening a residence permit and long-term residence permit is as follows:

- an application signed by the applicant or his or her legal representative;

- copy of passport (all pages)

- biometric photo (4 pcs)

- proof of financial condition for personal security

- medical policy

- actual residence document

- residence certificate

- receipt for payment of state duty


To apply for permanent residence in addition to the standard set of documents will need to provide a copy of the previous residence permit, two certificates of legality - one of the native country and the other from Turkey, as well as a document, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights confirms the lack of State assistance over the past three years. 


Alternative to permanent residence - Turkish citizenship


The standard procedure for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey lasts 3-8 years. However, investors can take advantage of the privilege of acquiring citizenship within a record six months.

Turkey offers investment programs that allow citizenship in exchange for certain investments in the country’s economy.

Through this quick route, investors and entrepreneurs can save the time and resources normally required to obtain a permanent residence permit and immediately enjoy the rights of a full Turkish citizen, including the right to work without restrictions and freedom of movement.


More than 90% of applicants of the Turkish citizenship program prefer to buy real estate.


In this way, interested persons can invest from $400,000 in business class apartments, which meets the requirements of the passport program.  Purchased real estate will not be sold within three years, so as not to lose citizenship, it is possible to receive stable rental income during the waiting period before selling.


Examples of favorable offers for investment: 


- Business class apartments starting from 53 m².

- Modern design: 1 bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom with toilet.

- Duplex 3+1 from 130sqm.

- Located in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and major attractions

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals - 9.8% per annum.


- Comfort class apartments in the historical center of Antalya with an area of 72 m².

- The layout is 2+1 with balconies, only 20 apartments.

- Unique location: only 3 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

- Estimated return on investment for daily rentals is 9.8% per annum.

These projects have been developed by a reliable international developer Antagroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. By investing in these offers, you not only provide yourself with reliable housing, but you can also become a holder of Turkish citizenship. 

You can find more offers, current prices and competent advice on purchasing real estate from the developer AntaGroup by clicking here

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