Tourism trends in Bali: shifting focus to higher quality tourism



Tourism trends in Bali: shifting focus to higher quality tourism

Bali's recovery from the pandemic is well underway. As early as 2023, the island will welcome 4.8 million visitors. The tourism industry is being revitalized, with an emphasis on higher quality and environmentally friendly tourism. Here's a look at trends in Bali's tourism industry and the role of local entrepreneurs in the island's development

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The Covid-19 pandemic suspended almost all global activity, including the tourism industry, leaving Bali's famous resorts and beaches empty. However, the island has started its life again, and the beaches are once again filled with tourists from all over the world.Already in 2023, almost 5 million tourists arrived on the island, which is a clear signal of the return of interest in this place. 

In addition to traditional forms of vacation, Bali has recently seen an increase in eco-tourism.  Local entrepreneurs are actively promoting the national and cultural heritage of the island, investing in the development of the tourism industry and attracting attention to the unique nature and culture of this corner of Indonesia.

What prospects and opportunities for international investors opens the tourism sector in Bali in 2024 - read further in the article.

Bali's tourism sector in 2024

Bali is the most coveted tourist destination in the world. 

The island has magnificent nature including jungles, rice terraces, volcanoes and beaches. 

Balinese culture is one of the most unique in the world, with a rich heritage in art, dance, music and religion.

Not only can you find recreation and activities to suit all tastes (surfing, diving, trekking), but you can also enjoy exotic cuisine at local restaurants.

Bali remains attractive all year round and welcomes travelers on a regular basis.

The island's tourism industry in 2024 has its current trends, focusing on the changing preferences of travelers. 

Today, Bali combines traditional tourism with new eco-friendly practices. 

Tourists are increasingly choosing more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to explore the world, including jungle trekking and exploring local flora and fauna.

The island of Bali is becoming a priority destination for such trips. 

Tourism Trends: Quality Tourism 

Eco-tourism in Bali is becoming increasingly popular. It focuses on providing high quality services and unique experiences for tourists.

This includes various activities such as visiting historical and cultural sites, nature excursions, visiting spas and wellness centers, and participating in workshops and seminars. 

Quality tourism also involves respecting the local culture and environment, preserving the island's natural treasures and cultural heritage, and striving for sustainable development of the tourism industry. 

Balinese entrepreneurs actively promote the island's national and cultural heritage, contributing significantly to the development of tourism. 

Their initiatives not only contribute to the preservation of the island's unique nature, but also create new opportunities for tourists to immerse themselves in an authentic Balinese experience. 

This new perspective on tourism not only contributes to the economic development of the region, but also raises important questions about preserving the environment and respecting local culture. 

Investing in hotel real estate in Bali

Eco-tourism in Bali is gaining popularity as it contributes to the preservation of the island's natural treasures and cultural heritage

Balinese entrepreneurs are actively contributing to the development of the tourism industry. 

Unique properties that combine comfort, style and respect for the environment are in high demand among travelers.

At the same time, the preservation of nature and uniqueness of the island becomes an additional attractive factor for tourists, which contributes to the growth of income and increase the value of real estate investment in Bali.

Today's Bali real estate investors understand that success in this area is inextricably linked to keeping up with trends in the tourism industry and the growing demand for quality and sustainable tourism. 

Therefore, they seek to invest in unique properties that not only generate a stable income, but are also invested in preserving the natural beauty, uniqueness of the island and its cultural heritage.

Return on tourism real estate in Bali

Bali differs from other resorts in that here the tourist season lasts the whole year and attracts travelers regularly. 

The regular flow of tourists and hotel visitors ensures a constant demand for hotel services.

Bali attracts many foreign investors who invest in apartments for rent or sale.

The market of tourist real estate in Bali is known for its high yield, which is 15% per annum. 

The cost of tourist real estate on the island increases by 15-20% annually. The cost of rent increases in the same proportions, due to which many investors recoup the purchased property in 5-6 years.

How to find a unique place to invest ?

The growth of eco-tourism on the island encourages investors to invest in properties that integrate with the natural environment and respect the island's ecosystem. 

A profitable investment option in Bali is the purchase of premium apartments ANTA Residence Canggu.  

The building with a wave-shaped roof embodies the idea of a perfect wave for surfing, reflecting the spirit and passion for life, harmony with the nature of man and water. 


And the Jungle roof concept symbolizes respect for nature and respect for the environment. The planting of 10,000 plants, including beautiful 5-meter palm trees and rare tropical species, is a perfect example of how construction can be combined with the preservation of the uniqueness of Bali's nature.

ANTA Residence Canggu:

- 5* business class apartments with unique infrastructure

- on the main street of the most fashionable location of Bali, Changgu - Batu Bolong. 

- 7 minutes from the Indian Ocean, beach and surfspot.

- 5 variants of apartments, from 40 m², from 139 000 $

The complex includes 113 apartments with modern renovation, furniture and appliances, as well as combines all possible services - Jungle roof-top, tropical infinity pool overlooking the ocean, restaurant and cafe, underground parking with your own bike as a gift, kvorking, personal transfer by golf cart, children's area with babysitter, surf school, beauty and SPA salon, smart gym and event hall on the roof.

ANTA Residence Canggu has been developed by the reliable international developer Antagroup, guaranteeing high quality construction. 

More offers, current prices and competent advice on purchasing real estate from the developer AptaGroup can be found here

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