Medicine in Egypt: conditions of treatment in the country, health insurance



Medicine in Egypt: conditions of treatment in the country, health insurance

The medical system of Egypt is developing more and more every year. A large number of different public and private medical institutions operate in the country. Of course, the cost of services differs significantly in private clinics. However, the quality of service here is high, and medical workers speak English and French quite well. Even looking at all this, medicine in the country still does not meet world standards. There are a great shortage of emergency and intensive care facilities. 

As a rule, it is difficult to call an ambulance, and they arrive very late. Therefore, it is better not to count on this. On popular cruises, on which foreign tourists often like to travel, there is no qualified medical staff at all. In some cities, medical institutions do not have enough professional equipment, so the service here is not at a high level. In general, there are good medical facilities in resort areas, but without insurance, medical care will cost you a lot of money. 

Conditions of treatment 

Medicine in Egypt is at a fairly high level. However, to see a doctor in a public hospital, you have to stand in line a week in advance. However, there are more private clinics in the country than public ones. If your policy includes a package tour, you will be consulted by a doctor at the hotel in case of any health problems. Then he will be able to decide whether you need hospitalization. If something is serious, they will be able to refer you to the clinic listed on your insurance. Tourists usually buy a regular insurance policy with minimal coverage. However, this should be worked on better. After all, your insurance should cover all possible risks so that you don't have to pay a lot of money for treatment. 

The algorithm for contacting the insurance company is the same everywhere. You call the company and explain your insurance case, then they direct you to a clinic where they can help you. If you need the consultation of a narrow-profile specialist, it is better to find a doctor yourself, based on reviews, for example. A doctor's consultation in a private clinic costs about 400 Egyptian pounds. Medicines are almost 30% more expensive. However, medicines in Egypt are of very high quality. After all, there are no fakes here, because it is punishable by law. Almost all medicines are sold without a prescription. But, if you are going to buy medical drugs at home, it is worth remembering that some painkillers in Egypt are equated with narcotic drugs. 

Insurance policy 

The insurance company should be chosen carefully. Also, when choosing an insurance program, you should warn about all possible risks to choose the right policy. Then, in case of dangerous situations, your insurance will be able to cover all costs. The approximate cost of the minimum policy is about $50. It all depends on the number of days of stay in the country. 

If an insurance event has occurred, you need: 

• call your insurance company and report your symptoms; 

• agree on the possibility of reimbursement of expenses; 

• carefully read all conditions specified in the policy; 

• if the amount of the policy is less than your expenses, the insurance company will be able to cover only the amount specified in the contract. 

You may be denied coverage for damages if: 

  • you did not report the insurance event on time; 
  • turned to doctors independently without any references; 
  • if the incident occurred when you were intoxicated. 

Visa to Egypt 

To open a visa and obtain permission to stay in Egypt, you must collect the following documents: 

1. Foreign passport (copies of all previous visas); 

2. Completed questionnaire with your data; 

3. 4 photos; 

4. Certificate from the place of work; 

5. Certificate of residence in your country; 

6. Return tickets; 

7. Certificate on the financial situation and the possibility of self-sufficiency; 

8. Medical insurance.

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