Working in Kenya: necessary documents and features of obtaining a work visa



Working in Kenya: necessary documents and features of obtaining a work visa

Kenya is a tourist country, so most foreigners are here to see its all attractions. However, the number of cases of obtaining a work visa to Kenya and employment has increased recently. It is a cheap country where you can live and work decently. At the same time, Kenyans live on no more than $1 a day, but this does not apply to foreigners. Moreover, it is safer here than in other African countries. The population of the country speaks English, which simplifies work.

How to get a job here? Popular vacancies

To get a job in Kenya, you need to contact the Migration Service and apply for a visa.

Medical and engineering jobs are popular in Kenya, they are treated with respect and paid well. It is also easy to find work in construction, services, entertainment, education, etc.

This country is home to some international companies that often employ foreigners. And for those who speak English, there will always be a job.

The UN also publishes many vacancies, often with high salaries.

Gold mining is another promising job. Most of the foreigners employed in mining precious metals work in Sierra Leone, the Congo, and Kenya. This job involves risk, but it is highly paid.

As for doctors, foreigners started arriving in Kenya a few years ago. The highest salaries were in Libya and Kenya - about 1.5-2.5 thousand dollars.

As for salaries in general, highly qualified specialists are valued here and can earn up to $4,000.

Documents required

To apply for employment in Kenya, you must contact the Migration Service and submit the following documents:

1) International passport;

2) Document on education or qualification;

3) Passport size photo;

4) Visa fee payment receipt.

Often, foreigners marry a Kenyan and come to the country based on this document. Most often, they are engaged in tutoring, teaching Kenyan children foreign languages, mathematics, etc.

Electronic Visa

Recently, the Republic of Kenya introduced the possibility of online visa application. This greatly simplifies the process of obtaining all the documentation. First, you need to register on the site, after which you will receive confirmation. Next, you go to the section of the migration department and select the type of visa you need. Registration is available here.

The application form is filled out in English. It is necessary to attach a scanned photo of the international passport with all data. It is also necessary to attach a document that confirms your intention to get a job. Usually, an invitation from the employer is the main document for a positive decision to open a visa.

After that, you need to pay the visa fee. Visa or MasterCard cards are required for this. Next, you send an application for review and wait for a response. It will come to the applicant's email. If the answer is positive, print out this document, because it must be shown when entering the country.