Medicine in Kenya: treatment, insurance, entry formalities



Medicine in Kenya: treatment, insurance, entry formalities

Kenya is one of the most economically developed countries in East and Central Africa. However, there is a great shortage of doctors and medical personnel in the country. Kenya has medical centers, hospitals, mobile medical units, pharmacies. The main national hospital is located in Nairobi. The main problem in the health system is that the largest medical services are provided only in large cities. And in the villages there is practically no medical care. Because of this, the incidence of diseases is much higher in rural areas.

Due to low salaries, leading doctors do not want to work in public hospitals, but go to private ones or leave the country. Private hospitals have many more employees and qualified doctors, as well as better equipment. The advantage of medical care in Kenya is that you will not be charged more for having a different skin color or looking wealthier. Payment for services here is the same for everyone, no matter if you are a local or a foreigner.

Vaccines in Kenya

According to the rules, before entering Kenya, you must be vaccinated. If you are going to go to the country for treatment or other business, it is better to contact professional medical representatives 3 months in advance to complete the full course of vaccination.

The health care system in Kenya, unfortunately, is not funded in the amount that would be able to cover the cost of caring for the population. There are 53 million people in the country. There are not enough doctors and health workers. 

Most immigrants and wealthy Kenyan citizens often turn to private clinics. Because many public hospitals are not sufficiently staffed, and there are always long queues. 

Ambulance in Kenya

To call an ambulance, you need to dial 999 from any phone. But unfortunately, the ambulance service here is not very efficient. You can wait for a long time for a car, and it can be much faster and more profitable to get there on your own. Private clinics have their own private ambulances. The cars are much better, equipped with new necessary equipment and competent medical staff. You can first go to see which clinics or ambulances are available and what services they offer. Then, you can save the data just in case. It is better than rushing around in a hurry and waiting for someone you don't know. 

If you are an immigrant living in a rural area, you can take out a policy with a flying doctor. They have air ambulances that can fly to you quickly in case of danger. However, this service is one of the most expensive in Kenya.

Health insurance.

For immigrants coming to Kenya it is very important to have health insurance. To get proper treatment it is better to go to a private clinic. But it is very expensive. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and save money, it is worth taking out medical insurance. However, if you have some serious health problem, you may not be treated in Kenya at all. Such serious patients are sent by plane to South Africa. Because the level of medical care there is much higher. Those immigrants who work in Kenya have health insurance from their employer. However, before getting insurance in any way, check everything carefully. It should be stated that your insurance policy will cover all medical services in case of need.

Prices for medical services in Kenya

Medical services, especially in private clinics, are not cheap.

- consultation with a doctor - 20-30 euros;

- general blood test - 5-15 euros;

- ultrasound - 20-25 euros;

- hospital stay - 100 euros per day.

Visa to Kenya

In order to visit Kenya for any reason, you need to open a visa. However, its registration will not cause you inconvenience. You can get a visa through the embassy or at the airport. To apply for a visa through the embassy you need only 2-3 days. During this time the visa will be in your hands. To get a visa at the airport, you only need to present all the documents and pay a consular fee ($ 50 - tourist visa, $ 20 - transit visa). Tourist visa is valid for 90 days.

Documents for visa issuance

- application form;

- foreign passport;

- color photo (3x4);

- passport of your country;

- medical certificate of vaccination against yellow fever;

- medical insurance;

- air ticket reservation.

Before choosing Kenya for treatment, you should weigh all the pros and cons.  Regarding the solution of urgent health problems, we hope that the information will not be useful to you, and you will have a great time in Kenya.