Obtaining permanent residence in the Netherlands: programs for immigration, types of long-term visas

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Obtaining permanent residence in the Netherlands: programs for immigration, types of long-term visas

The Netherlands is an economically developed state in Europe. Known for favorable living conditions due to a strong democracy, loyal laws, and low crime rates. If you decide to move to the Netherlands for permanent residence, then go through certain stages.

3 steps to move to the Netherlands for permanent residence:

Long-term visa. You can apply for a long-term visa in such cases: for education, work, business, etc. Permanent residence allows you to legally open a business in the Netherlands, work, or receive higher education.

Resident card. This stage requires confirmation of the solvency of the applicants. The term for consideration of an application for a residence permit is 3 months. From the moment of applying, the foreigner receives a temporary residence permit in the Netherlands. After 90 days, the applicant is issued a residence permit and a plastic ID card valid for 12 months.

Permanent residence. First, you need to prepare the documents. After submitting them to the Department of Civil Affairs, you need to wait for an invitation to an interview in Dutch. When the interview is successful, the documents are transferred to the Immigration Service, where you can get permanent residence.

How to immigrate to the Netherlands

There are several programs for immigrating to the Netherlands:

Marriage. If one of the spouses is a citizen of the country, then you can apply for a residence permit. A year later, you can apply for permanent residence in the Netherlands. In the event of a divorce, a non-resident must leave the country.

Job. Before being hired by a Dutch company, the employer provides the state with evidence that there is no suitable Dutchman for this position. And the employee is required to: have a higher education, work experience in this specialty, know the Dutch language, and pass a medical examination. An immigrant receives a residence permit for 12 months and the possibility to extend it. After 5 years of residence in the Netherlands, you can apply for permanent residence.

Family reunification. You can invite a wife and minor children from another state, but the main requirement is to provide family members with finances and housing.

Business. If a foreigner wants to do business in the Netherlands, then he can register a company in the state or buy 25% of the shares of an existing business. Requirements for the authorized capital - 120 thousand euros. After that, a residence permit is issued for a foreigner and his family for 12 months with the right to extend and the possibility of obtaining permanent residence after 5 years. You can also buy real estate for 1 million 250 thousand euros.

Education. It is necessary to provide a contract with an educational institution and confirm the availability of funds to pay for tuition and accommodation.

Treatment. In case of the need for long-term treatment in the clinics of Holland, a residence permit is issued for the duration of the full course of treatment.

Refugees. In case of danger in the foreigner's home country, it is possible to obtain refugee status. In this case, the residence permit is issued for 5 years.

EU citizenship. If you are a citizen of one of the EU countries, then there are no obstacles for you to live in the Netherlands.

Permanent residence in the Netherlands

You can leave for permanent residence in the Netherlands only after opening a long-term visa and obtaining a residence permit. Naturalization is possible only after obtaining permanent residence.

For the short term, you can apply for a Schengen visa. If you need to stay in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, then a visa category “D” is issued.

Types of long-term visas:

Student visa

Tourist visa.

Business (360 days)

Visitor visa (90 days)

Work Visa.


Immigrant visa.

You can apply for permanent residence in the Netherlands after 5 years of legal residence in the country.

For this you need:

Be proficient in Dutch (pass an interview).

Have a stable income (more than 1500 euros per month).

Have a certificate of no criminal record.

Documents for obtaining permanent residence in the Netherlands:

application for permanent residence status

internal and foreign passport

birth certificate

valid residence permit

language proficiency test certificate

certificate of no criminal record

Thus, obtaining permanent residence status is a rather lengthy process that requires the fulfillment of several conditions and compliance with the requirements of the authorities for knowledge of the language and financial well-being. But life in the Netherlands is very comfortable. Therefore, many people from different countries undergo this procedure every year.