Advantages and disadvantages of Andorran medical system



Advantages and disadvantages of Andorran medical system

Andorra has been a front-runner for many years in terms of the quality of medical care, levels, and life expectancy of its citizens, which is 84 years. The national healthcare system is in the top five of the world's ranking. Insurance medicine can cover between 75 and 100% of all citizens' medical costs.
Andorra has a well-equipped hospital and more than a dozen primary care clinics located in every parish. They are staffed by highly qualified specialists who provide emergency medical care that does not require specialized equipment and drugs. There are also many pharmacies, pharmaceutical organizations, and other specialized institutions in the country.

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Health care system

Health care and social security in the country are based on an efficiently simplified centralized system. This means that all social bodies and health insurance in Andorra are regulated by a single body, the Andorra Social Security Fund CASS. And it is the Andorra Health Service SAAS that is directly responsible for medicine in the country.
Medical care in Andorra has three main principles:
1. The principle of free choice - patients choose their doctor for treatment.
2. Mutual responsibility - the state largely funds medical care, but citizens pay for part of the treatment themselves.
3. Solidarity - people who cannot afford the cost are not excluded from the system and still receive healthcare.

Medical insurance

Health insurance is developing in Andorra, which covers a significant part of citizens' medical costs:
people who go to a polyclinic or consult a doctor can count on CASS reimbursement of 75% of the cost of medical services;
if a person goes to a hospital for treatment, the insurance covers 90% of their expenses;
compensation for material costs caused by accident, occupational disease, and childbirth is 100%.
health care expenses that are not linked to the national social insurance can be reimbursed up to 33% of the amount.

Advantages and disadvantages of the medical system

Unlike other countries, Andorra provides its citizens with robust subsidies for dental treatments. One of the features of the healthcare system is to refer to a doctor, whom you can choose yourself. This is a general specialist who manages his or her patient, monitors his or her health and, if necessary, refers him or her to a narrower specialist.
But one disadvantage of medical care is that in a country with a small population not all specialists are available. However, the country enters into agreements with neighboring Spain and France for consultation and treatment by these doctors for its citizens.

How to receive medical help

Almost all citizens in the country are covered by the CASS system. And for employees, regardless of their form of employment, such a subscription is compulsory. You can be insured through the social security system by working independently or as an employee in a local or foreign company. Unemployed citizens can join the CASS by contributing €200-400 per month.
However, there is an important nuance for visitors and tourists. As Andorra is not a member of the EU, Schengen visa insurance does not apply there either. Therefore, when going on a trip, it is important to take out a policy for a specific country or according to the "Schengen + Andorra" formula. For visitors or tourists, a visit to the emergency department without insurance can be quite costly - around €350.
Keep in mind that Andorra is a country with ski resorts. Therefore, if you are planning an active skiing or snowboarding holiday, be sure to include the appropriate risk in your insurance policy. It is optimal to provide a sum insured of at least €50,000 so that compensation will be sufficient in the event of an emergency.

Contacts and telephones

Medical service – 116
Rescue service – 112
Police – 110
Fire service – 118
Nostra Senyora de Meritxell Hospital, Av. Fiter and Rossell, 5,
Telephone: (+376) 871 100.