Obtaining permanent residence in the Maldives: features of obtaining permanent residence, documents

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Obtaining permanent residence in the Maldives: features of obtaining permanent residence, documents

The Maldives, commonly referred to as the Maldives, is a landmass in the northern Indian Ocean. Many who have visited this country for tourism are beginning to consider options for moving to the islands for permanent residence (permanent residence). After all, there are all opportunities to develop your tourism business, which is the main branch of the economic development of the state. as well as work in the hotel industry. Thanks to the climate, year-round living near the warm shores of the Indian Ocean is also a factor influencing immigration decisions to the Maldives.

But when planning a move to permanent residence in this country, you need to take into account some of the nuances. The most optimal way is to get a job with the possibility of free accommodation, for example, in hotels. Unfortunately, the purchase of real estate in the island nation is not financially feasible for everyone. Buying your piece of land here is considered a huge luxury. Almost the entire land of the Maldives is built up with apartment buildings. These are 5-8 story buildings, apartments that can be rented for a very expensive price, and even more so to buy.

Also, because the Maldives is an island archipelago, its production is practically not established here. Therefore, all food products, food products are imported, and the assortment in local stores is very limited with very high prices. Thus, the cost of living in the Maldives is quite high.

It should also be taken into account that such a concept as "comfort", with which the Maldives is often associated, is inherent only within high-class hotels. Outside of this infrastructure, everything is much poorer and more complex.


Features of obtaining permanent residence in the Maldives

Before considering the conditions for permanent residence, the first step is to apply for a residence permit (permit) on the island, this can be done:

1. For those who can afford to rent apartments, villas, houses in the Maldives and it is best to do this with the help of an experienced realtor, as there is a risk of becoming a victim of fraud. What does it have to do with renting not only, for example, a separate bungalow, but also the whole island? The approximate cost of a villa can be from $30,000 for a week and an island from $300,000 for the same period. You can conclude a lease agreement for 25 years with the possibility of further extension.

2. Triple to work and be sure to issue a permit. The Maldives has always had a large selection of vacancies in the tourism, hotel, or restaurant business. There is always a demand for vacancies for employees in the offices of travel agencies, hotel administrators, representatives of hotel chains, bartenders in hotel bars, waiters, hostesses, and even DJs. In addition, work in medicine can become prestigious, both in individual medical institutions and in medical centers at hotel complexes. Thanks to such a resource as the Indian Ocean with the best underwater world and its inhabitants, the profession of diving and windsurfing instructor can also often be found on the job list.

3. Marry a citizen of the country and apply for a marriage visa. Perhaps the easiest way, especially popular among women. After the official creation of a family, foreign spouses may not apply for a residence permit. Thus, it is enough for them to be in the territory of the Maldives without permission.

We prepare documents for permanent residence

The legislative framework of the state of the Maldives is very strict about those who want to move for permanent residence. Without any problems, permanent residence can be obtained by a person of special status, for example, a president, an artist, an artist, a scientist, etc. Or a person whose parents (at least one) is a citizen of the Maldives. In other cases, you need to prepare a list of documents:

1. Your original passport.

2. If you are employed - a certificate from the employer with all the terms of employment and the longer the period of work in the country, the better.

3. If you are employed in a highly skilled job, you must provide your diploma of education.

4. In the case of an official marriage with a citizen of the Maldives - the original marriage certificate.

5. Be sure to pay the state duty and provide a receipt.

The collected list of documents is usually submitted to the Maldives Immigration Service. Also, remember that the authorities may request additional documents if questions arise.

It is best to entrust the solution to all these issues to special experts. You can get legal advice on issues of emigration at the place of residence (residence/immigration) on the website.

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