Work and employment in Iraq: job prospects and requirements for job seekers



Work and employment in Iraq: job prospects and requirements for job seekers

Iraq is a country with a rich history and great cultural heritage. Iraq is among the Arab countries and is landlocked, but trade ties are established due to energy resources, which allows an acceptable level of the economy. Iraq's economy is 99% based on oil production. The oil sector is predominant. The industrial sector occupies a small percentage, and agriculture is present mainly in the form of livestock (goats and sheep). 

The population of Iraq is about 40 million people. Population density is not high, plus skilled workers in some industries and the energy sector are in great need. So a job in Iraq is quite realistic. In addition, in Kurdistan, an independent region of Iraq, you can find a lot of jobs. This area is safer to live in and work, especially for a foreigner. 

Features and conditions of employment 

To find a job in Iraq, first of all, you need to use job sites or apply to a recruiting agency. Working abroad very often involves finding it in advance, as in the case of Iraq. Because submitting documents and applying for a work visa requires a painstaking examination of the nuances and peculiarities and being prepared for additional requirements in the process of going through the procedures. The experts at our website Visit World will help you to understand these nuances.

A migrant obtains the right to work with a work permit and a work visa.  When processing the documents one must remember that there is an independent region of Kurdistan in the North of the country. An Iraqi visa is valid for Kurdistan, but a Kurdistan visa outside the autonomy is not.

A work permit visa will help you (a non-Arab foreigner) get a job in Iraq. There is no requirement to apply for a work permit for workers in international offices. The work permit is issued for one year and must be renewed at least one month before the expiration date.

It takes 4 to 8 weeks to process the visa. Some protocols must be followed to obtain a work permit:

Letter of offer of employment. Obtained officially from the Iraqi authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or a letter from the Chamber of Commerce stating the reason for travel.

The employer applies to the Ministry of Labor. The application must contain all the necessary documentation, as well as information about identity, ethnicity, work experience, and qualifications.

A work visa to Iraq represents permission to stay in the state for the duration of the contract. The visa will be issued to citizens traveling to the state to generate income, not for vacation or visiting relatives.

To make it, you should prepare the following documents:

foreign passport, as well as its previous copy;

special application form (filled out);

2-4 photos;

copy and the original of the work permit document;

Official letter from employer;

information about the position, earnings, and savings of the applicant;

There are several employment options in Iraq. To find a good and well-paid job in your specialty, it is important to know English, and ideally Arabic, and have extensive work experience. Without knowledge of languages is not realistic to find a job. It is also possible to work from home, e.g. as a translator or psychologist. 

Job prospects and requirements for applicants 

The country's economy is based on the oil sector. In the Tigris and Euphrates valleys, oil and gas workers traditionally earn high wages. It is predominantly male. As a rule, shift work and contract or temporary work are employed in this sector. There are always jobs for geophysicists, geologists, drilling engineers, and managers.

  Also, in Iraq, predominantly for women, professions are in demand:




social worker;

    You can also consider jobs in finance, economics, management and administration, education, and law. 

As for job prospects in Kurdistan - there are more opportunities here. The banking sector, energy, agriculture, construction, and tourism are well-developed here due to the successful attraction of investors. Kurdistan is the most stable and safe territory of Iraq, characterized by quality infrastructure. There are many offices of large foreign companies, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and various entertainment venues. Foreigners are invited by employers not infrequently and offer good conditions and decent wages, on average about $1500. The region has developed extreme, cultural, and religious tourism. 

The most popular professions in Kurdistan:


aesthetic medicine worker;



makeup artist;

fitness instructor;

massage therapist;

Also, it is not unimportant that in Kurdistan, the employer takes responsibility for the employee and pays all expenses, helping with registration, relocation, and adaptation. Also, employers regularly conduct refresher courses and monitor the success of employees, promoting the most productive of them. Among the main requirements for applicants is experience in the chosen field, availability of documents confirming qualifications (depending on the vacancy), and a portfolio.