Popular vacancies for foreigners in Malta: obtaining a work visa for employment



Popular vacancies for foreigners in Malta: obtaining a work visa for employment

Employment in the Republic of Malta is a dream job abroad on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. After all, the island country attracts not only paradisiacal landscapes and tourist resorts, but also comfortable living conditions and low unemployment levels. Official employment can be the first step toward future emigration to Malta. In particular, the dynamic development of the service and tourism spheres is contributing to the steady increase in the number of labor migrants in the country. Every year in Malta, both permanent and seasonal jobs are becoming increasingly desirable for foreign workers.

Specifics of employment in Malta

The main source of replenishing the Maltese budget is tourism. After all, Malta does not have a massive industrial production, unlike many other EU countries. But its natural wealth has allowed the island state to become one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. Therefore, the most popular types of work in the country are in the service sector and the hotel and restaurant sectors. As a result, it is easiest to find work in these industries. For more information on everything, you need to consider when planning a labor migration to Malta, see our checklist.

However, it is worth noting that holidays in Malta are considered quite prestigious. Therefore, there are many elite hotels and entertainment venues, first-class restaurants, business lounges, trendy health clubs, and beauty salons. Candidates are therefore encouraged to have certain work experience in similar fields, which will be an important asset for Maltese employers. In addition, state labor laws are quite strict for foreigners in Malta. You can usually only get a job if you are highly qualified.