Moving to Bolivia: how to get Bolivian citizenship, what documents are needed

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Moving to Bolivia: how to get Bolivian citizenship, what documents are needed

Many foreigners are now wondering how to acquire Bolivian citizenship. Acquiring second citizenship is currently a problem that plagues many adventurers. And it's not just a matter of moving or being able to leave their homeland indefinitely. Many are attracted by the magnificent Andes, the unique nature, climatic conditions, and low real estate prices. Obtaining Bolivian citizenship is not an easy procedure, but it's well worth it.

How do I apply for Bolivian citizenship?

Latin America is a promising destination. The best countries for immigrants are Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Panama. However, obtaining citizenship in these countries is even more difficult and the procedure itself is long (except in Panama, the registration of citizenship in these countries is fast).

Citizenship can be obtained based on origin, based on residence in the country for 2 years. For some categories of citizens, this period is reduced to one year. Those who have a spouse can apply for citizenship after one year:

- A spouse who is a Bolivian citizen;

- Children of Bolivian nationality;

- Specially educated and employed in Bolivia in the fields of education, science, technology, industry, or agriculture;

- Eligibility for military service (or one who performs military service in the Bolivian army);

- Commendations for services to the Republic.

What documents do I need to apply for Bolivian citizenship?

The following documents must be submitted:

- Passport (or birth certificate);

- Criminal record certificate;

- Photo (not only the standard photo but also left and right profile photo taken in the state capital, Lapas);

- Fingerprints of both hands.

The citizenship acquisition procedure requires that the person (or the whole family) resides in Bolivian territory. The procedure can take from 6 to 9 months. The cost of processing ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 yen. All documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized.

Types of visas to Bolivia:

- Business;

- Tourist;

- Student;

- Work visas.

Special visas can be issued if you stay in Bolivia for more than 3 months or if you want to work or enter the country more than once.

- A tourist visa costs US$30.

- The cost of a visa for employment and a visa for family members (in case a citizen of Ukraine marries a citizen of Bolivia) is 85 USD.

- Student visa is free of charge.

There is no multiple-entry visa, but foreign nationals may obtain a "permit for permanent entry to Bolivia" valid for up to 5 years upon agreement with the migration service of Bolivia. Thus, migration to Bolivia is of interest to many foreigners wishing to live abroad. If you live in Bolivia for 1 year and 9 months and get your citizenship, you can live in Spain, so no one is confused by the difficulty of obtaining Bolivian citizenship.