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10 Mar 2023
Hungary citizenship
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Minimum passport validity at least 6 months
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VITEM II requires citizens of any country who wish to receive a medical care in Brazil.

VITEM II is issued for a period of more than 90 days. If your stay in Brazil is less than 90 days, you must obtain a guest visa (VIVIS).

Required documents

1. Passport valid as of the date of submission of documents. If a new passport is issued before the date of the trip, you must have both passports in your hands when crossing the border, and a valid passport must have at least two blank pages and its validity period must expire in at least six months, counting from the date of the trip.

2. A printed visa application form with a color photo with size 3x4 and the applicant's signature pasted on it.

- The online application form is available here

3. Documents confirming the availability of funds in the amount corresponding to the purpose of the trip: bank account statement, bank card statement for the last three months, or other documents confirming the availability of funds for the trip.

4. Round-trip ticket or confirmation of its booking with the date of arrival and departure.

5. Documents confirming the availability of funds for medical care:

a) own funds;

b) a health insurance policy valid for Brazil that provides compensation for special types of medical care, or an international medical certificate.

c) certificate of medical care provided for by an international agreement.

5. Doctor's opinion or referral for treatment.

6. Preliminary calculation of medical expenses.

7. A statement from the doctor or medical institution where medical care will be provided that medical care will not be provided through the unified health system of Brazil, except in cases of further compensation.

8. Certificate of absence of criminal record, certified by an apostille on the original, with a notarized translation into Portuguese (or English or Spanish) languages.

9. Apostille-certified birth certificate with notarized translation into Portuguese (or English or Spanish) languages.

10. A document confirming the legality of your stay on the territory of your country.

Medical Treatment for Hungarians in Brazil