09 Dec 2022
Oman citizenship
Visa Visa required
Useful information
Currency Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Language Bulgarian
Minimum passport validity
Minimum passport validity at least 6 months
Phone code
Phone code +359
Covid There are no COVID restrictions
Insurance policy Insurance policy is required

Student visa to Bulgaria

EU citizens don’t need a visa to study in the Republic of Bulgaria.

However, within three (3) months of arriving in Bulgaria, they must apply for a long-term residence permit in the EU. This document is issued for a period of 1 (one) year and must be updated for each academic year. An application for a long-term residence permit in the EU can only be submitted after successful admission. 

Citizens of non-EU countries must obtain a visa to study in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian student visa with type D

The Bulgarian student visa is valid for a period from 3 to 6 months. International students must apply for a visa at the nearest Bulgarian Embassy/Consulate after receiving an acceptance letter from a higher education institution in Bulgaria.

A list of Bulgarian embassies and consulates around the world can be found on the website: 

What documents do I need to submit to get a student visa?

  • Valid passport and photos

  • Acceptance letter issued by the relevant Higher Education Institution in Bulgaria

  • Certificates of Education

  • Health insurance for the entire period of study

  • Tuition fee receipt

  • Confirmation of the availability of sufficient financial resources:

  • ability to cover tuition and living expenses, such as a bank statement

  • Valid ticket booking

  • Proof of residence in Bulgaria

Upon arrival in Bulgaria, non-EU students are asked to apply for a residence permit to confirm their stay in Bulgaria. Students are asked to apply for a residence permit after final registration at their universities.

How do I get a student residence permit?

Students must apply for a residence/long-term residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria after entering Bulgaria. International students must apply for a residence permit at the nearest office of the Bulgarian Migration Department of the National Migration Authority.

What is the validity period of the permit?

This permit is valid for 1 year.

Who can get a student residence permit?

  • A student residence permit is issued to a student, foreigners for conducting scientific research, trainees, foreigners on Business tours and scientists.

  • Students are issued a Bulgarian identity card for a long-term student permit.

What documents do you need to submit to obtain a residence permit?

  • Application form

  • A copy of a valid national passport

  • Certificate of no criminal record

  • Proof of residence in Bulgaria:

  • Official contract to confirm the address

  • Proof of health insurance for EU citizens and compulsory health insurance for the entire period of stay in Bulgaria for non-EU citizens

  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources to cover expenses for the entire period of stay in Bulgarian:

  • A certified copy of your parents' declaration of financial support and notarized

  • A bank statement that can also be submitted as proof of financial resources

  • A document issued by a Bulgarian educational institution indicating that you are registered as a full-time student at the institution

  • Letter of admission/admission issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and science of the Republic of Bulgaria

What is the amount of residence permit fees?

Student residence permit fees must be paid to the Migration Service Bank.

  • Application price: 5 euros

  • 1-year fee is 250 euros

  • The Bulgarian identity card fee is 22.5 euros

How long does it take to get a residence permit?

The application processing time is 14 days.

Can a student work with a visa to study in Bulgaria?

International students in Bulgaria are allowed to work part-time for no more than 20 hours per week and with a student permit, provided that they are studying in an educational program at any Bulgarian University, and can combine their duties without neglecting their studies.

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