09 Dec 2022
Turkmenistan citizenship
Visa Visa required
Useful information
Car traffic
Car traffic Right-hand
Currency Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Language Bulgarian
Phone code
Phone code +359
Covid There are no COVID restrictions
Minimum passport validity
Minimum passport validity at least 6 months
Insurance policy Insurance policy is required

Treatment in Bulgaria

If you want to go to Bulgaria for medical treatment and stay there for less than 90 days, you need to apply for a short-term visa of type C.

If your medical therapy or treatment is expected to last longer than 90 days, you should instead apply for a national (long-term) visa of type D for medical treatment in the relevant country, allowing you to stay longer.

List of required documents:

  • Application form: fully completed in English or Bulgarian

  • Passport

  • One photo

  • Certificate of residence

  • Travel health insurance is valid for Bulgaria, which covers the entire period of the person's intended stay. The minimum coverage is 30,000 euros

  • Cover letter: explanation of the purpose of your trip to Bulgaria and the length of your stay

  • Return ticket or confirmed booking

  • Proof of residence: booking a hotel or other place of residence

  • Confirmation of the purpose of your stay in Bulgaria

  • A certificate from a medical institution is issued in accordance with the relevant procedures with the specified treatment plan

  • Confirmation of your current social and professional status in your home country.

  • A letter issued by the employer on the official letterhead of the company, which indicates the position of the employee at the enterprise, work experience, granting vacations and salaries.

    • For businessmen-visa request letter on the official letterhead of the company registration documents

  • For students-a letter from the school/university about granting demission and a copy of a valid identity card.

You can also get the medically necessary treatment by presenting a European health insurance card (EHIC) when you are temporarily in Bulgaria. Medically necessary treatment refers to treatment that cannot wait for you to return home. Such treatment may be necessary in the event of an acute illness or accident. 

You can also get treatment related to pregnancy and childbirth or a chronic medical condition.

Medical Treatment for Turkmenistanis in Bulgaria