03 Aug 2023
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Higher education / student visa to Cambodia

The two main university options for foreigners in Cambodia:

  • Panyastra University of Cambodia (PUC)
  • University of Cambodia (UC).

 Academic standards are similar in both of these institutions, but the PUC has more foreign faculty and staff, and annual tuition is slightly higher for international students. However, it will be the first choice for some expats, especially those trying to transfer loans from a university abroad.

Class schedules may vary depending on the university or course and may occur in the morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend.

Regardless of your interests, Cambodia has several interesting learning options, and while this country is not widely known for its academic capabilities and is not necessarily a place for a world-class degree, it can still offer an informative and accessible educational experience.

To enroll in a Bachelor's degree, course in Cambodia, you will need to provide an original or a certified copy of your general Secondary Education Certificate. If you want to be accepted for a master's degree, you will need to complete a bachelor's degree.

Regardless of the type of degree, you may need to take an English proficiency test and an entrance exam.

It is possible to transfer a loan between a Western College or university, but it may be necessary for the dean or head of department to agree with the Department of education, so this is something you should discuss with the University before applying. Keep in mind that transferring loans between different Cambodian institutions can sometimes be difficult, so it's best to carefully research where you want to study before making a commitment.

After that you have decided where you want to study, you will need to register for courses during the registration period before the start of each semester and pay your tuition fees on time. Keep in mind that if you don't register or pay your fees on time, you will most likely have to pay fines.

What are the requirements for admission of students to universities in Cambodia?

Any foreign national intending to come to Cambodia for the purpose of studying must:

  • Get a Cambodian visa to facilitate his / her entry into the country
  • Enter Cambodia only from and through permitted ports of entry
  • Provide a valid passport to the immigration officer at the port of entry
  • State the purpose of entry to Cambodia and the designated educational institution
  • After entering, go to the designated immigration office and get a student ID card to study in Cambodia.

ES is a student visa. Applicants for an ES visa extension must attach a letter from a registered Cambodian school, as well as proof of the availability of sufficient funds for maintenance. An ES student visa can be extended for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

What are the requirements for obtaining a student visa in Cambodia?

You must meet the following criteria.

  1. You must provide an acceptance letter that is confirmed that the applicant has been offered a full-time place of study at a recognized educational institution
  2. Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves in the country
  3. Please provide information that the course price has been paid in full
  4. It is necessary to apply for private health insurance and provide documentary evidence of this
  5. The candidate's intention to return to their country after the end of the training period must be obvious
  6. All immigrants in Cambodia must respect and comply with national immigration laws, regulations and formalities
  7. Research should only be conducted in approved and licensed educational institutions.

Visa requirements for foreigners who want to study in Cambodia are different for students depending on their citizenship. Choose your country to learn about the relevant rules and find embassies and consulates in your country!  

Foreign students at public universities are entitled to highly subsidized accommodation, usually in dormitories. Thus, most students do not have to find a job while studying at the University and can participate in various extracurricular activities offered by educational institutions.

Can I combine my studies and work in Cambodia?

Yes! Cambodian institutions offer students unlimited opportunities to demonstrate their skills and put their academic knowledge into practice. The type of job you get mainly depends on your qualifications, previous work experience, if any, and your skills. Distance learning in Cambodia is one of the best options available to students, as it provides extensive experience and financial support. Companies here always strive to attract young talented students to increase their income! You can find a part-time job on campus in local newspaper ads or on social media.

Is it possible to get a scholarship to study?

Students have a variety of scholarship opportunities, ranging from federal funding to private initiatives at colleges and universities. Here are scholarships and grants to apply for if you want to study in Cambodia:

  • Federal scholarships

The National Security Education Program covers scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates studying culture and language in areas important to student development. The programs advertise the benefits of students' assimilation of foreign culture, traditions, and so on. They are extremely competitive and offer students full tuition compensation in exchange for services in this area.

  • David L. Boren's Undergraduate Scholarships are well designed for students enrolled in important international programs. Applicants must have an impeccable academic background and need funding.
  • The national flagship language program is designed exclusively to introduce students to the most important language, such as Arabic, while immersing them in the country, its language and Customs. Students can study the language in the country and qualify for full tuition funding.

Colleges of secondary and higher professional education in Cambodia

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