Employment in Kazakhstan for foreigners: required documents and types of work visas



Employment in Kazakhstan for foreigners: required documents and types of work visas

Currently, the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is actively developing and need additional labour force. Therefore, employers often resort to the services of foreign specialists in various areas of the economy. Therefore, foreigners have the opportunity to legally get a job in Kazakhstan by signing an official employment contract.

Who can work in Kazakhstan

Any foreigner who plans to look for work in Kazakhstan must have an appropriate government-issued permit. However, this permission is different for representatives of different countries. For example, citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia may not receive a work permit. They only need to conclude an employment contract with a local employer.

Citizens of Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Georgia are given the opportunity to conclude contracts with individuals. Representatives of other states are forced to obtain official permission and work only with legal entities in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has a law, one of the paragraphs of which indicates that foreigners cannot hold certain positions. For example, the law "On Security Activities" says that citizens of other states cannot work in security organizations.

Work visa of Kazakhstan

The Migration Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan issues work visas to foreign citizens who wish to work in the country. They are of four types:

  • C3 — provided to employees who have already signed an employment contract with a local organization and their family members marked "without the right to work";
  • C4 — visa for workers who plan to find a job on their own after arriving in the country;
  • C5 — this type is intended for business immigrants who plan to open their own business in Kazakhstan;
  • C6 — a visa is issued to seasonal workers arriving in the country for seasonal work (short-term).

The validity of a visa cannot exceed the validity of a work permit, which must be obtained additionally. The price of a work visa depends on the length of stay in the country:

  • single — 80$;
  • multiple entry up to 1 year — $ 200;
  • multiple entry up to 2 years — $ 400;
  • multiple entry up to 3 years — $ 600;
  • multiple entry up to 5 years — $ 1000.

Due to the constant rise in price, the cost of a visa may change. The exact cost can be found on the website of the immigration service.

How to get a job in Kazakhstan

First of all, a citizen of another state, if he wants to work in the territory of Kazakhstan, is obliged to find a local employer. And after that, you need to conclude a formal contract with him in accordance with the law. The government does not prevent the employment of citizens of other countries, so the employer does not need to prove the need to hire a foreigner.

Obtaining a work permit

To obtain official permission, you need to contact the Public Service Centre (PSC) at your place of residence. Please provide the following list of documents:

  • application of the established form on the form;
  • receipt of payment of the fee for opening a tax account;
  • foreign passport, which contains information about the legal crossing of the state border;
  • certificate of medical examination and the absence of diseases that make it impossible to work;
  • fingerprinting and photographs of the established sample (the police and the PSC department are responsible for issuing these documents);
  • medical insurance policy;
  • an employment contract with a local employer, which is drawn up in accordance with the law.

After the submission of the specified package of documents, obtaining a permit usually takes one business day. The term for which a work permit is issued depends on the amount of the state fee paid. However, its maximum value is 3 months. To extend it, you must again contact the PSC and present the following documents:

  • application for the extension of the employment contract;
  • receipts confirming the payment of income tax for the period specified in the previous agreement;
  • work permit in Kazakhstan;
  • concluded employment contract;
  • health insurance policy.

In order not to go personally to the PSC, it is possible to fill out an online application on the website of the institution. It is also possible to delegate obtaining a work permit, as well as a work visa, to a third-party organization. The experts will do all the work for you.