Ranking of the happiest countries in Europe in 2024



Ranking of the happiest countries in Europe in 2024

What could make people happier than the incredible and exciting spirit of travel? It's especially nice to visit new countries without harming the environment. Find out more about the 2024 Happiest Countries in Europe that are Sustainable in their Travels

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

In 2024, the World Happiness Report was published again, and Finland continues to top the list of the happiest countries for the seventh time in a row. 

This time, the Nordic countries have established a dominant position: Denmark, Iceland and Sweden took the second, third and fourth places respectively, while Norway was ranked seventh. 

As always, the report was prepared jointly by the Gallup World Poll, the Oxford University Centre for Wellbeing Studies and the United Nations Network for Sustainable Development.

Criteria for creating the Happiest Countries in Europe 2024 ranking

The research team regularly uses data from more than 140 countries to formulate its annual happiness rankings. Although respondents evaluate their lives subjectively, experts in psychology, economics and sociology make this process more scientific, covering 6 key variables: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom of choice, generosity and absence of corruption.

Travelling has been shown to increase happiness, but traveling by plane can be stressful. For this reason, we suggest visiting four of the happiest countries - Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden - without flying.

To make your trip eco-friendly, you can use a train, ship, or car. It will take longer than flying, but it will provide travelers with a unique experience, opening them up to a slow and eco-friendly journey that will be a pleasant and positive addition to their lives.

Long eco-friendly voyage to Iceland

A voyage on the Norröna is an incredible opportunity to visit Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark. It is a weekly maritime adventure that runs all year round and allows passengers to enjoy the incredible scenery of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The journey begins in Iceland with a flight to Denmark via the Faroe Islands. From June to August, this route takes two days, allowing passengers to visit Torshavn, a city on the Faroe Islands famous for its unique atmosphere and natural beauty.

Passengers can bring their own transport, which gives them greater freedom of movement at their destinations. Various types of cabins are available on board the ship: from regular to luxury suites with sea views. The cost of cabins varies depending on their level of comfort and location.

Arriving at the seaport of Hirtshals in Denmark, passengers can enjoy the beauty of the northern nature and continue on to the fascinating city of Copenhagen. This stunning voyage can be an exciting holiday for anyone who dreams of discovering new places and experiences.

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Traveling from Northern Denmark to picturesque Sweden by train

Although the distance between Hirtshals and Copenhagen is 375 kilometers, the journey does not have to be monotonous or unpleasant. You can choose a car or a taxi if you feel tired or don't want to drive yourself. However, the most convenient and economical option is to travel by train.

To do this, you need to take two trains that run several times a day. The first route from Hirtshals to Aalborg takes just over an hour, but the next train from Aalborg to Copenhagen departs after a short break. This journey takes just under five hours in total, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the views of Denmark that you simply cannot see from the air.

An additional option involves three trains stopping in Hjørring before Aalborg. This route takes a little less time, but involves additional transfers. The decision to choose the best option is up to you. Tickets are available from €72 one way, making this trip not only convenient but also affordable.

Traveling from Denmark to Sweden by train across the legendary bridge

After you've seen some of Copenhagen's most popular sights - The Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens and the Nyhavn district - get ready for the easiest part of your tour of the world's happiest countries.

From Central Station in the Danish capital you will find many trains crossing the border into Sweden. Trains to Malmö, an increasingly popular Swedish city, run every 20 minutes from Copenhagen and the journey time is only 35 minutes.

Although it does not attract as many visitors as the capital Stockholm, it is full of history and attractions. Among them are Lilla Torg, a cobbled square with cafes, half-timbered houses and shops selling local handicrafts, Malmö Castle, a 16th-century fortress built by King Christian III of Denmark, and some of the best food in all of Sweden.

If you're interested in infrastructure, the journey from Copenhagen to Malmö is also worthwhile. A railway and road cable-stayed bridge crosses the Eresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, which is the second longest bridge in Europe at almost eight kilometers. It is also a cultural icon, as it is the name of the Scandinavian noir television series The Bridge, which is set in the surrounding region.

Ticket prices start from €18 one way, making this trip affordable for anyone looking to discover the beauty and cultural heritage of Sweden.