Work and employment in Dominica. Rules of entry to Dominica for work



Work and employment in Dominica. Rules of entry to Dominica for work

Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean. The capital of Roseau is located in the west of a mountainous island covered with dense forests. On the territory of a small state, there is the Morne-Trois-Pitons National Park, attractive for tourism, with Boiling Lake and Trafalgar Falls 65 m high. The state is located on lands with volcanic origin. Therefore, there are two volcanoes on the island that are not active. A picturesque place with a friendly population is always ready to receive tourists and those wishing to work in Dominica.

Jobs in Dominica

Dominica is not one of the most developed countries in the region. Therefore, the main activities that supply the country's economy are tourism and agriculture. People speak English and Dominican Creole French. Therefore, for employment, you must speak at least English.

Since Dominica is an agrarian state, the vacancies are mainly related to agriculture. Here you can find work on growing and harvesting local crops:




sweet potato

vegetables and fruits

In the industrial sector, the main focus is the extraction of limestone and pumice. You can also find work in factories producing furniture, cement, shoes, fruit juices, and cigars. For foreigners, there are programs for moving to work with the whole family.

Rules for entering Dominica for work

Dominica is restricting entry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The general procedure requires the fulfillment of vaccination conditions.

A person is considered vaccinated if:

The vaccine is approved by the WHO and the Dominica Ministry of Health.

In the presence of all the necessary doses of the vaccine, which were received no later than 14 days before the trip.

To enter Dominica, foreigners must:

Fill out the questionnaire one day before the trip.

Upload a negative PCR test result (done 24-72 hours before entry).

If you have been ill before, then provide documents

Submit entry permit

To clarify the current entry procedure, please contact our specialists for consultation. Another option is to organize business in Dominica. To do this, you need to know the official language and draw up a package of documents. But most people still come to work as hired workers. The economy of Dominica is considered to be developing, so there is a need for IT specialists who can work remotely.

Work Permit

Dominica does not offer an exclusive work visa. But you need to get a work permit. If the period of stay is planned for more than six months, then this permit may automatically grant a residence permit. The work permit is valid for one full year and can be renewed annually. There is currently a law called the Alien Landowner Law that prohibits non-citizens from buying or owning land in Dominica. Having a work permit does not exempt anyone from this act.

To apply for a work permit to work abroad in Dominica, you must provide:

Two completed copies of the application

Health certificate

Job offer/letter from employer confirming the position and accepting responsibility for the applicant

Record from the police from the applicant's city of no criminal record

Return ticket or proof of availability of funds to pay for the return ticket

Two passport photographs

Fees and receipt of payment of said fees

Marriage certificate (if necessary)

Two reviews

Three printouts of job postings for this position

Passport valid for at least six months

Photocopy of the first page of the passport

If self-employed: bank statement and registration certificate

Thus, Dominica does not have a wide range of vacancies to work with. Employment rules are quite complicated, as they require the provision of a large list of documents. But if you want to work in comfortable climatic conditions in a simple job with the prospect of obtaining a residence permit in an island nation, then Dominica is ideal.

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