How to travel to Luxembourg: entry rules and places to visit



How to travel to Luxembourg: entry rules and places to visit

Luxembourg is a great duchy in Western Europe. The origin of the name 'lucilinburch', which means 'small town'. Luxembourg has a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the grand duke. The capital is Luxemburg. The currency is the euro. The official languages are French, Luxembourgian, and German.

The country is not immediately visible on a map; its size is too small compared to its neighbors, which is not to say it is rich, beautiful, and superior. That's why a trip to Luxembourg is often chosen by those who prefer a sophisticated holiday surrounded by sumptuous architecture, fine cuisine, excellent Moselle wines, and first-rate services.

Thanks to its small size, it has been at the top of the "most livable" charts for centuries: rich, prosperous, beautiful, and safe.

Entry rules for Luxembourg

- Entry is open to those who have been vaccinated or who have been sickened (11-180 days in advance). Vaccination must be complete, with EMA products, within 9 months before travel (or with booster). Only certificates from EU countries or countries whose certificates are recognized as similar are suitable.

- EU and Schengen citizens and residents may enter without these certificates. From third countries, residents of countries from Annex 1 of the EU Council Recommendations may enter.

- Children under the age of 12 years and 2 months may also enter without a certificate.

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What to see in Luxembourg?

- Little Switzerland (or Luxembourg Switzerland) is a mountainous area northwest of the town of Echternach. Nearby are the ruins of Chateau de Beaufort.

- Geothermal springs in Mondorf.

- The Haut-sur National Park.

- Golf clubs. There are several golf clubs in Luxembourg.

- Pidal Sauna Club. Seven different saunas, three of them with open fires. There is also a 25-meter swimming pool and gym. Like most saunas in western Europe, the facility is shared, meaning men and women soak together without swimming costumes but Thursday is "women's day".

- Utopolis Cinema. Located next to a large shopping mall in the Kirschberg district. Ten halls. Most films are in English with French subtitles.

- The route du vin. A road that runs along the Moselle River from Remich to Grevenmacher. Vineyards, wineries, and cellars with tastings, and small restaurants.

- Luxembourg Restaurants. Luxembourg's national cuisine has a motto: "French quality in German quantity".

- Hiking. Luxembourg is a place for lovers of walking or cycling. The whole country is punctuated by narrow paths: forest paths, mountain paths, and along rivers. There are hundreds of trails of varying lengths and difficulties. All are signposted and mapped in special guidebooks, available in bookshops.

- Clubs and bars. The nightlife in Luxembourg is not as active as in the metropolitan area.

Visa and customs

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a party to the Schengen Agreement. A visa and insurance are required to enter the country.

Find out who needs a Luxembourg Schengen visa and how to apply for it here.

There are no restrictions on bringing in or taking out currency using cash or traveler's cheques. If you are over 17 you can bring with you up to 200 cigarettes (up to 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars, 250g of cigarettes), 0.5kg of coffee beans, 250ml of lotion, and 50ml of perfume. Spirits (22 degrees or higher) - 1 liter or less, fortified wine - 2 liters or less, table wine and sparkling wine - the same amount. Other consumer goods may not exceed €175 for an adult and €90 for a child.

Pets may enter only with a certificate of rabies vaccination from the International Veterinary Clinic.


Luxembourg has an Eurail Benelux Pass system, which is common to all Benelux countries. Traveling by train is possible from €160 to Belgium and the Netherlands for 3 days. However, for travel between cities, the most convenient and economical are the regional railways, which run in several directions from the capital to the borders of France, Belgium, and Germany. 2nd class seats are €2 for 2 hours, 1st class seats €3, 1-day tickets €4 and €6 respectively, 2-day tickets €8 (2nd class seats only).

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