Requirements for admission to universities in Algeria: documents and free study opportunities



Requirements for admission to universities in Algeria: documents and free study opportunities

Algeria is one of the promising study-abroad destinations in the North African region. Its mild climate combined with a high-quality education is the reason why international students from all over the world come here. According to various sources, the country hosts about 750,000 international students every year and is considered the main source of quality education in the MENA region.

What do you need to do in order to come to the country for education

Before moving to Algeria to study, we recommend studying the secular and religious traditions, customs, laws, and philosophy of the country. After all, life in this country can seem quite limited for many foreign students, especially those who come from outside the Arab world. To learn more about coming to Algeria to study, you can consult a specialist or take a checklist, to learn about all the requirements. 

There are harsh punishments for actions that people in other cultures find absolutely acceptable. If this does not scare you, then you can safely move on to choosing a university. 

What are the entry requirements

Before studying in Algeria, you need to take four main steps:

  • Education Equivalency

Applicants wishing to study in Algeria must obtain an equivalent (certificate) issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Algeria.

  • Registration

The equivalence system will suggest the specific university and year in which you can enter. After that, you will have to call the indicated institution to fill out the form, pay the administrative fees and receive the relevant receipts. You will then be able to register for the university through the online form;

  • Selection and assessment

The next step after registration is selection and evaluation. Foreign students entering the university will take entrance exams. After that, students will have to pay administrative fees and provide all the documents required by the university (more on that below);

  • Obtaining a student visa

The last step is to get a student visa. For this, you will need written confirmation from the university about the conclusion of the contract, as well as documents that prove your ability to pay.

For the first time, the visa is issued for one year. If the student has not been expelled, the visa is extended until the end of the study period.

Documents required

After the university has confirmed that you have been enrolled as a student, you must submit documents. It is worth noting that the requirements of universities may differ, so we advise you to consult with specialists or clarify the information at the university. Approximate list of required documents:

  • original birth certificate;
  • originals of diplomas and certificates;
  • three passport-sized photos (35 mm by 45 mm);
  • permission to obtain education (from the Ministry);
  • receipts for payment of administrative fees and training;
  • a copy of the visa;
  • a completed application form issued by the university for final registration formalities.

If you are not satisfied with the terms, you can file an online appeal. It will be considered in accordance with the academic regulations of the current academic year and in accordance with the recruiting opportunities of other universities.

Free Study and Opportunities

Studying at the country's universities ranges from $1,000 per year. However, students who need financial assistance can apply for a scholarship. This will allow you to get an education at a lower price, or even for free. Many universities also offer accommodation benefits to students. Universities also have exchange programs for studying abroad. It promotes speaking skills and gives students the opportunity to interact with other cultures around the world.

The system of education in universities

The Algerian education system is based on the French language (this is due to the former French occupation of the country). Almost all teaching takes place in lecture and memorization mode. Most studies offered in Algeria's higher education system are conducted in Arabic, the national language, but degree programs in medicine and science are often offered in English and French.

Bachelor programs: bachelor programs last 4 years and require an equivalency certificate. Some popular fields, such as medicine, have additional requirements.

Master programs: require a first degree or equivalent and last 2 years. Students spend the first year on coursework, directed research, seminars, and one foreign language. The second is dedicated to writing a dissertation.