Visa for entering Cambodia: all the main information for a tourist before going on a trip



Visa for entering Cambodia: all the main information for a tourist before going on a trip

Cambodia is a mysterious Asian country that attracts a large number of tourists every year. The country is located in Southeast Asia on the Hindustan Peninsula, along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, and borders Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. It used to be called Kampuchea. Here you can actively relax and gain many new impressions. For a better understanding of the country and its traditions, you can hire a guide upon arrival. They all speak English, so you have to have a good level to understand everything. However, it is worth preparing for such a trip to return with the most positive impressions. Today, the country is one of the poorest in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite this, the country has many interesting places to visit.


The country has 3 climatic seasons: hot (concentrated from February to May), wet (rainy season from May to October), and dry (from October to January). It has a tropical-Atlantic climate. The air temperature during the year is +25...+32°С. It is best to come on a trip in the dry season when it is not very hot and there is a light breeze. If you are planning to go on a beach holiday, then the best time is from February to May.

Language and mobile communication

Almost the entire population here speaks Khmer.  English is not so popular here.  However, you can meet English in tourist places.  Many have now started learning the language, so in any case, you can try to communicate using gestures.  The country has WIFI and 4G/3G.  Mobile Internet catches the best in big cities.  Beeline works best among the communication operators.  Roaming here is expensive, so it is worth buying a tourist SIM card at the airport or in communication shops.  The Internet is not very fast, but you can watch videos.

How to travel around the country

Before starting your trip, you should make an itinerary of the places you would like to visit. So you will save time and be able to see more.  It is best to start with the capital of the country, the city of Phnom Penh. Here you can watch all the most interesting in 2 days. Sie Rip is another tourist town. There are many unique Khmer temples. The main attraction is the Angkor Wat temple complex. There are many interesting places through which you can get to know the culture and traditions of this country.

After planning your trip and route, you should book a hotel. This should be done as soon as possible, because you may not find anything free on the spot. The most interesting offers are on You can choose what you like and what fits your financial capabilities. You don't need to pay anything in advance, you can do it on the spot. However, if you need to cancel your reservation, please do so 2-3 days in advance.

Visa for entering Cambodia

This is a visa country, so before you start your trip you need to collect all the documents for opening a visa.  You can issue an electronic visa on the website  To do this, you need to fill out the form and add all the necessary documents.  The cost of such a visa is $37.  And the duration of stay in the country can be 3 months.  Another option is to open a visa at the border.  For this you need:

 • completed questionnaire;

 • migration card on arrival;

 • 2 photos

The visa costs $30 per month. But at the border, you may be asked to pay an additional service fee.  The most difficult option is to open a tourist visa through the Cambodian embassy.  The validity period can be a little longer, the cost is also $30.

Health insurance and currency

Since Cambodia is not considered a sufficiently safe country, it is worth taking care of your health insurance. You need to carefully consider everything that is offered, weigh all the risks and choose the best insurance program for you.

It is best to take dollars with you to the country. You can use them everywhere. There is no need to exchange currency to pay for products or any services. If you want, it can be done at any bank or currency exchange office. However, only cash is accepted everywhere. You can pay with a bank card only in expensive hotels or supermarkets.

Even though this is a rather poor country, prices here are high. But all the same, Cambodia deserves to be on the list of interesting and full impressions of the country.