Permanent residence in Africa: which country to choose for residence

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Permanent residence in Africa: which country to choose for residence

Africa is not the most popular destination for moving to permanent residence, but every year many people move to different countries of this continent. The reason is work, eternal summer, the desire for change in life.

Everyone has different reasons for moving. However, you need to know which countries are well suited for living on the African continent, and which are not. Previously, we talked about the most dangerous countries in the world (many African ones among them), where the population faced unemployment, hunger and even slavery.

Today we will focus on the best states of this continent. They have become an example of economic development and social policy.

Which country to choose

When it comes to the most advanced countries in Africa, one of the best choices is Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo - these are the cities to which you should and should emigrate.

Tunisia is a country located in the north of the African continent. Its neighbours are Algiers and Libya. Life here is very diverse. People come here to study, to work, to live. There is a good economic situation here, there are prospects for the development of each resident.

Morocco is a country with special customs, beliefs and way of life. One cannot expect high prospects here, because the standard of living is average. However, for some categories of professionals, moving to Morocco will be a breath of fresh air. If you have a business streak, you can easily open your own business and succeed. The country is close to Europe. Citizens of Morocco apply for a Schengen visa and drive a car to the EU (through the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry).

The Republic of South Africa is one of the best countries to visit, work, live. There are a lot of tech start-ups here, an almost Mediterranean climate, and the average salary is $1,400. To this we add a high level of education, good knowledge of

English by the local population and low costs (cheap housing, renting premises for business and work, inexpensive food). It turns out an ideal place to move to permanent residence.

Mauritius is an island nation east of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. With a stable economy, good conditions for business, investment, a competitive market, low taxes and a decent standard of living. Moving to Mauritius for permanent residence is a dream for many IT professionals, businessmen, and investors. There is a program that allows you to obtain a residence permit through investment in the country. This is one of the main reasons why many rich people and their families from all over the world live on the island.

Another unique place in Africa is Madagascar. This is an island state with a variety of natural conditions. There are mountains, and plains, and the sea, and rivers. However, the standard of living here is not too high – most of the local population works on plantations. Mostly people who have highly paid remote jobs move here. They enjoy a pleasant climate and year-round summer.

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