Ways to obtain citizenship of North Macedonia and the possibility of moving to permanent residence

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Ways to obtain citizenship of North Macedonia and the possibility of moving to permanent residence

Immigration to North Macedonia. The main ways to obtain a residence permit and citizenship of Macedonia, including by investing in the country's economy.

Here you can take out insurance for yourself or ask for legal information
Here you can take out insurance for yourself or ask for legal information

North Macedonia is a small state located on the Balkan Peninsula. According to official statistics, the population of the country is about 2 million people. Despite the small territory and small population, many foreigners want to obtain citizenship or the right to permanent residence in North Macedonia. This is due to the proximity to the borders of the European Union, as well as the dynamically developing economy of the country. The government is making efforts to attract more investment to the country and is offering citizenship to wealthy foreigners.

General information about the country

North Macedonia is sometimes called a territory that is timeless. This statement was born because of the number of historical monuments located on the territory of the country. Historically, the territory of the country was part of various larger empires, and many monuments remained on it. This is evidenced by the fact that 70% of the population are Christians, 28% are Muslims, and the rest are representatives of other faiths. In the 1990s, Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia, after the collapse of which it gained independence. It is a member of NATO, not a member of the European Union.

Relocation options in Macedonia

Foreigners have the right to a temporary residence (permit) in the following cases:

Business immigration. The Macedonian government is trying to develop the economy, and is currently (summer 2022) trying to establish trade relations with the countries of the former USSR. In particular, with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Therefore, the possibility of business immigration is open for citizens of these countries.

  • Work. This is the most common way to immigrate. The difficulty lies in the fact that the employer should deal with employment issues. Therefore, in order to prove your qualifications, you will need to communicate directly with him.
  • Studies. There are many institutions of higher education in North Macedonia where international students study. In fact, Macedonian universities are not very highly valued in Europe, but studying in them gives a chance to find a job either in Macedonia itself or on the territory of the European Union.
  • Marriage. Marriage to a citizen of North Macedonia automatically grants citizenship of that country. This naturalization option is very popular with girls.
  • Investments in the economy. This option is suitable for wealthy foreigners. It makes sense to talk about it separately.


Citizenship by investment

The government of North Macedonia is making efforts to get rich foreign citizens to invest their money in the economy of the country. To this end, a citizenship program was developed for those foreigners who are willing to invest in the development of various industries.

Investment in the amount of 200 thousand euros. This implies the provision of one job for the next two years.

Investment in the amount of 400 thousand euros. In this case, the employer undertakes to provide a minimum of 10 jobs in new companies.

Thus, the country's government wants to interest foreign investors so that they invest in the economy and develop its various industries.

Obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of Macedonia for a foreigner

To obtain a permanent residence permit, and even more so the citizenship of the state of North Macedonia, you must provide a package of documents. Each individual case requires separate consideration, but in general, this list looks like this:

  • International passport. Its term must be valid for at least another 6 months from the moment the foreigner crosses the border with Macedonia.
  • Photos of the established sample. These are regular photos sized 3.5×4.5 cm.
  • Detailed summary. The border guards require that any foreigner who wishes to cross the border of North Macedonia must explain in detail for what purpose he wants to do this.
  • Confirmation of financial solvency. Usually this is a bank statement on the availability of funds that can be used by a foreigner while staying in the territory of North Macedonia.