Selection of the largest cycling cities in the world and features of their rent



Selection of the largest cycling cities in the world and features of their rent

Guide for cycling in Germany, Denmark, and USA. Tips for budget bike rental and their prices in bike-friendly cities of the world.

To protect your trip abroad, we recommend taking out insurance
To protect your trip abroad, we recommend taking out insurance

For some, a bicycle is an environmentally friendly means of transportation. And for someone it is a part of life, which is associated with many stories and events. In different cities and countries people have their own attitude to this vehicle. But one thing is for sure - if you have a bike in an unfamiliar city, it will be much easier to explore its sights. Not all cities are equipped with bicycle paths, but there are a number of megacities where bicycles are an integral attribute. 

Bicycle rental guide in Berlin, Germany

The beginning of the 21st century was the start of the development of cycling in the German capital. At the level of the state program, it was decided to develop infrastructure for cyclists - to build bicycle paths, parking lots, bicycle rental and repair centers. Additionally, a system of incentives was developed for cyclists while moving around the city. Today, about 15% of Berlin residents use bicycles on a regular basis. Bicycle rental in Berlin is a cheap service that is often available for both residents and visitors. Travelers in Germany very often use bicycles to explore cities or for a single trip. For example, Berlin is one of the best places to visit by bike in the country. We will talk further about where to find two-wheeled transport for rent and how to use it.

Tips for traveling by bike in Germany

Bike rental service in the German capital is much better developed than in many other European cities.  It is provided not only by the city authorities, but also by several large rental companies:

 - Call a Bike

 - Nextbike

 - Fat Tire Bike Rentals


The most budgetary option is the use of bicycles Call a Bike and Nextbike. Renting their two-wheeled transport will cost about 2 euros per hour, and in the case of daily rent you need to pay only 8-10 euros. is more expensive, but has a larger selection of bikes: children's, regular, tandems.  The cost of their use is from 8 to 14 euros for 4 hours or from 12 to 19 euros per day.

Travel in Copenhagen, Denmark

The city authorities decided to promote the transition of residents to environmentally friendly transport. Therefore, today almost every resident has his own bicycle. There are more than 2000 rental centers for tourists, and the city has more than 500 km of bike paths and hundreds of specially equipped parking lots. 

You can rent a bike in your hotel or hostel through special Internet services. Renting in a hostel or hotel is the most expensive option. A day of rental will cost you about 130 kroons. Renting through an online application is the best option. A day will cost 100 kroons and you do not need to present a deposit, documents or even communicate with the staff. Renting in a specialized place can be the cheapest option. Therefore, the most convenient way to rent a bike will be through the Donkey Republic or Cycle now smartphone app. 

Rent a bike in Tokyo, Japan

A huge city with a perfect and technological infrastructure. And at the time of its development, they did not forget about cyclists. The population of the densely populated city and they themselves understand the convenience of such movement, because so they avoid huge traffic jams and take care of their health. Here you can see middle managers in expensive suits pedaling on bicycles. Unlike most countries, in Japan every private bicycle is registered with the police and has its own number. And there are many rental points for rent.

Bicycle rental in Japan is developing quite actively. And not only as a measure to protect the environment. Renting a bike is very simple: register on the Docomo Cycle website, select the parking lot and the bike itself in the mobile application, and dial the code that appears on the smartphone screen.  By the way, almost all bicycles are equipped with an electric motor, so cycling will be not only interesting but also not tiring.

Budget way to rent a bike in Barcelona, Spain

The popularity of bicycles in the capital of Catalonia began to rise in 2007. At that time there was born a whole cycling movement. And every year the number of rental centers, parking lots, and bike paths in the city increased. And this is not surprising. After all, for a tourist to ride a bike in Barcelona and enjoy the views of this beautiful city is a pleasure. Renting a bike in Barcelona is very easy.  The main thing is to have an ID, which you will be asked to leave as a deposit (you can leave one for several people) and a small amount of cash (credit cards are not accepted in all rentals).

Bike Rental is the oldest bike rental in Barcelona, operating for almost 20 years.  It is chosen because among the additional services is the delivery of transport to the address. As soon as you decide to ride, you need to order this service in advance. This rental also organizes cycling tours throughout Barcelona. They last three hours, departure from the station "Las Ramblas" is carried out at 11 am and 5 pm, you do not need to sign up in advance, you just need to be on time. 

Mattia 46 Bikes - here you can rent a bike for the whole day for only 5 euros, the transport is accompanied by a lock, a map of the city with convenient routes, riding on which you can see all the sights. To rent a vehicle you need to pay a deposit, it is 50 euros, you also need to provide an identity document. In the rental there is an opportunity to pay for services by card.

Bike rental in Portland, USA

If you make a rating of the greenest cities in the United States, Portland will be one of the leaders. And this is one of the factors why the ecological mode of transport - bicycle - is so popular in this city. About 10% of the city's population regularly uses a bicycle all the time. The city has developed a system of transport paths for cyclists and launched a bikesharing system. And for beginners there are cycling courses.

Portland has long held the title of the king of cycling in the United States and has been an example for cities across the country in how to organize infrastructure for the bicycle. It has the highest number of cyclists per capita. You can rent a bike in local bike shops (e.g. Veloce Bicycles, Clevel Cycles, Fat Tire Farm).

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