Top 9 easiest countries to get a work visa: best options



Top 9 easiest countries to get a work visa: best options

Many of us think about improving our standard of living and moving abroad in search of interesting opportunities. Some countries help to make these thoughts come true by providing opportunities, including an easy work visa. Find out more about how to increase your chances of getting a job abroad and the top countries where it is easiest to get a work visa 2024

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

Many people dream of working abroad, but the process of obtaining a visa can be quite complicated and confusing, because many countries give preference to their own citizens and limit the vacancies available to foreigners.

However, there are certain states that welcome foreign workers. What are they? In our article, we will talk about 9 countries in the world where it is easiest to get a work visa. We will also share secrets that will help expats increase their chances of employment abroad.

Top easiest countries to get a work visa 2024


For a long time, Australia was the easiest country to get a work visa. And although the procedure has been slightly complicated in recent years, it is still possible to get a job here.

● Visa for young specialists from European countries

In Australia, the Working Holiday Maker program has been approved, which allows citizens of most European countries under the age of 30 to come to the country to work during vacation.

● Visa for highly qualified workers

This permit can be obtained by foreigners who meet the following requirements:

- have a job offer from an Australian employer;

- confirm the required level of qualification for the position;

- fluent in English;

- the expat has no criminal record;

  Employers can sponsor an employee for a maximum of four years. This visa allows you to move with your immediate family and to come and go from Australia as often as you need.

Where do expats work? Priority vacancies are engineers, medical workers, specialists in the hotel and restaurant sector, teachers, builders, agricultural workers, financiers.

The average salary is 31,407 euros per year.

New Zealand

Foreign nationals who find work in health and social services, construction, primary industry and science, engineering and ICT, electronics and telecommunications can apply for a Green List visa. See the link for a detailed list of professions.

Expat requirements:

- work for or have a job offer from an accredited New Zealand employer;

- meet the requirements for the selected position, set out in the list;

- sign a contract for at least 12 months and work full-time - from 30 hours a week.

Where do expats work? Most foreigners work in agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and finance. The vacancy of a ski or snowboard instructor is also quite popular.

The average salary is EUR 53,937 per year.


In Cambodia, two types of work visas are approved - temporary and permanent. However, it is almost impossible to get a permanent permit.

To apply for a visa, an expat must provide information about an employment contract and an identity document (passport). A copy of the employment letter must be sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Most migrants find work through the expat community. The cost of obtaining a work visa in Cambodia is $100.

Where do expats work? The most popular job among expats is an English teacher. Vacancies in charitable organizations and the UN are also available. Many foreigners open businesses.

The average salary is 28,500 euros per year.


On the basis of a work permit in Ireland, foreigners who are citizens of non-EU countries can legally work for 2 years.

The country has also developed a visa for highly qualified workers, but to obtain it, you must have a position from the approved list of professions.

The visa application process consists of two parts: after the employee receives a written job offer, he and the employer are required to submit a visa application. Expat requirements are minimal, so Ireland remains one of the easiest countries to get a work visa.

Where do expats work? Web developers, nurses, service workers, teachers and translators are in high demand in Ireland.

The average salary is 45,000 euros per year.


The most common work visas in Singapore are the Singapore EP Pass (Singapore Employment Pass) - most suitable for skilled professionals, and the Singapore E Pass (Singapore Entrepreneur Pass) - for entrepreneurs. On the basis of both permits, you can work in the country for 12 months. The residence permit is valid for up to 2 years and can be extended.

An S Pass visa is available for mid-skilled professionals, such as technicians. However, in order to receive it, you need to confirm your level of professional skills and find a job with a minimum wage of S$2,200 per month.

You can move to Singapore with your family.

Where do expats work? Lawyers, investment professionals, executives, managers, developers, data engineers, cyber security professionals and doctors.

The average salary is 68,625 euros per year.


It is easiest for English teachers to get a work visa to China, because most Chinese families believe that English is very important, so the demand for professionals is crazy.

Requirements for specialists:

- diploma of education;

- TOEFL certificate;

- pass a police check.

The administrative fee for issuing a visa is $50.

In order to obtain a Chinese study visa “Z”, it is necessary to obtain sponsorship from the future employer and submit the appropriate package of documents to the country's embassy or consulate.

Foreigners who risk working in China without a visa can be fined, deported and even imprisoned.

Chinese talent visa "R" is also available for expats, it is most often received by scientists, artists and other categories of expats who are able to make a significant contribution to the development of the country's culture.

Where do expats work? Teachers, specialists in trade, commerce, IT, journalists, engineers and employees of the hotel and restaurant sector.

The average salary is 49,200 euros per year.


The procedure for obtaining a work visa in Mexico consists of two stages: the employee must pass an interview at the consulate of the country of residence, and the company wishing to employ a foreigner must submit a sponsorship letter to the immigration service.

Expats also have the right to move to Mexico with their family. The advantages of working in the country include its close cooperation with the USA and established transport connections with America.

Where do expats work? In the fields of education, finance, health care, telecommunications, tourism and hospitality.

The average salary is 23,150 euros per year.


The government of Panama managed to attract many corporations from different parts of the world to the country. From now on, quite large multinational companies have their representative offices here, so the demand for foreign workers has increased significantly in the country.

● Citizens of countries that belong to the category of "Friendly Nations" have the right to issue an accelerated visa and work permit - these are EU member states, South American countries, the USA, South Africa, Great Britain, South Korea, etc. A written invitation from the employer is sufficient to obtain a permit.

● Foreigners who earn income outside of Panama are eligible to work without a work visa, which is why the country is in high demand among online business owners.

● On the basis of an Italian national work permit, you can work in Panama without any restrictions.

● Spouses of Panamanian citizens are automatically entitled to a work visa.

● A highly qualified worker visa is granted to foreigners who have a bachelor's degree. However, in order to obtain this permission, it is necessary to provide information about the history of education and documentation from the university.

Where do expats work? Most foreigners find work in the financial sector, construction, hospitality, non-profit sales, science and technology.

The average salary is 25,500 euros per year.


The UAE is a thriving center of world business and a major trading port. Most foreigners work in companies that are located in free trade zones and are subject to low taxes to help the economy grow.

The work visa process is one of the fastest in the world and takes only 40 days. After a foreigner receives a job offer, it will be reviewed by the Ministry of Labor to decide whether a UAE citizen can apply for the position. If the application is approved, you will receive a two-month visa that will allow you to start work.

At the second stage of the visa procedure, it is necessary to undergo a medical and biometric examination and take out a mandatory medical insurance policy for the UAE. Upon completion, you will receive a UAE ID card that can be used instead of a passport.

Where do expats work? Finance and banking, marketing, sales and law.

The average salary is 48,760 euros per year.

How to increase your chances of employment abroad ?

Some useful tips that increase the chances of getting a work visa:

● Science, technology, engineering and math professionals find it easier to find work and get a visa abroad.

● Teaches English - TOEFL certificate is not always a mandatory condition for obtaining a work permit, but expats who speak English can claim a higher salary.

● Open a business in the chosen country - investors who create jobs for local specialists usually have the right to a simplified procedure for obtaining a permit and receive many benefits.

● Foreigners between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa. This permit can be issued in almost 60 countries of the world. Usually, on the basis of this document, you can work abroad for up to 12 months. Only certain countries have restrictions such as the need to prove financial security.

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