Work and employment in Singapore: types of work visas for foreigners



Work and employment in Singapore: types of work visas for foreigners

  Singapore is a small island state between Indonesia and Malaysia. A large number of migrant workers from all over the world are attracted by the high standard of living, developed economy, and quality social security in this country. Working in Singapore is a great opportunity to improve your welfare and move to one of the most developing countries in the world. Job opportunities for foreigners in Singapore are available in the IT, healthcare, tourism, financial, and banking sectors. 

Features of Employment

  Unemployment in Singapore is 2-3% and corruption is virtually non-existent. Perfect infrastructure and an excellent investment climate create a comfortable environment for doing business. Government policy is keen to attract foreign skilled workers to strengthen the local economy. It is possible to find a job in Singapore, but it's quite difficult to obtain a residence permit or citizenship. The country has fairly strict laws. 

  To begin working in Singapore, a foreigner must obtain a work visa at the diplomatic mission of Singapore in their country. It requires finding an employer in advance, signing a contract with him, and obtaining a work permit. There are different types of work permits for foreigners. It is influenced by many factors. For example, the level of qualifications, wages, the field of activity, and the economic sector.

Let's look at the types of work permits:

Highly skilled specialists. The permit is issued to foreign workers with higher education and experience. The salary must be at least 3.6 thousand dollars per month. For example, these may be company managers or senior managers, as well as entrepreneurs who open their businesses in Singapore.

Experienced workers with medium-level qualifications. Monthly wage requirements start at $2,200. For example, this type of permit is issued to migrant workers to work in the construction, manufacturing, service, or entertainment industry (hotels, nightclubs, casinos, bars), as well as to domestic staff.

Students and trainees. A work permit in Singapore is granted to foreign students for internships or temporary employment. Usually, the period is limited to 6 months, and the salary level must be at least $3,000 per month. But there are exceptions.

  In addition to the basic types of work permits described above, the right to work in Singapore has close relatives of migrant workers, including spouses, children, and parents, as well as family members of Singapore citizens or permanent residents of this country. In addition, foreign students studying at Singapore's educational institutions may also be formally employed.

  Initially, work permits in Singapore are issued for a period of up to one year with the right of renewal. There are special quotas for certain types of vacancies, except for highly skilled specialists. Usually, a company cannot employ more than 20% of workers from abroad, quotas are also stipulated for certain sectors of the economy.

  It is very important to know English at a high level, even in the field of unskilled labor. Qualifications, experience, and skills are of great importance for a foreign applicant. A medical examination is a prerequisite for obtaining a work permit. 

Types of work visas

Work Permit is available for some countries only.

S-Pass (SP) is a visa for medium-skilled workers with a minimum salary of 2,400. This visa is worse than the EP visa, but if the employer only offers it, make up your mind.

Employment pass (EP) - visa for highly skilled workers. The minimum wage on it is 3900, to bring the family will need to earn a minimum of 6000. The visa is tied to the employer and in case of his change will have to go through all procedures again. Issued for 1/2/3 years.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) - Personalized EP. Issued once for 3 years and cannot be renewed. Subject to receipt - the average annual salary for the previous year of 18000 SGD or more if you worked abroad, and from 12000 SGD if you worked in Singapore.

Dependent pass (DP) - issued to spouse and children. A spouse can work if he/she receives a LOC from the government.

Long-term visit pass (LTVP) - issued to spouses of local (SC, PR) as well as EP partners if there is no formal marriage between them, you cannot work on this visa.

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