How can foreign nationals stay safe in Israel?

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How can foreign nationals stay safe in Israel?

The war in Palestine and Israel is a cause for concern. Precautions should be taken to ensure a safe stay in Israel. You can find support and information through embassies and consular services. Find out more about the latest security information in the region

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Israel declared war on the Palestinian militant group Hamas after the group fired thousands of rockets at Israeli cities and illegally crossed the border into Israel on October 7, killing hundreds of people and taking many hostages.

Since Israel is a popular tourist, business and medical center, many foreigners remain in the country. Also, many tourists have booked trips to this country. Given the circumstances, we decided to tell how foreign citizens can stay safe in Israel, where to get help and is it still possible to travel to this country?

How to stay safe in Israel?

1. You should exercise extreme caution when visiting Israel and only travel there if absolutely necessary.

2. If you are already in Israel:

- Refrain from visiting the central and southern regions of the country.

- Remain vigilant and closely follow the messages of the local competent authorities to be fully informed about the development of the situation.

- In case of rocket fire, a warning siren will be activated. Be sure to heed all such warnings and follow the instructions of local authorities.

- If you are in the settlements of Israel, which are in the immediate vicinity of the Gaza Strip, when the air warning signal is triggered, immediately go to the bomb shelter.

3. Depending on how the situation will develop, the international borders in Israel, both air and land, may be closed in a very short time. In this case, contact the diplomatic mission of the country of origin for important updates, including information to help you leave the country.

4. We also advise you to register your stay in Israel at the diplomatic institution of the country of origin (embassy, consulate).

Importantly! If you arrived in Israel before hostilities began, your travel insurance policy is still valid until you leave the country.

Where to look for help?

1. Hotline to help tourists in Israel

The Ministry of Tourism of Israel states that they are monitoring the situation and strive to create safe conditions for all tourists who are in Israel. That is why the hotline for tourists via WhatsApp works.

Contact Information:

 - phone number for WhatsApp inquiries: +972-55-972-693,

 - email address: [email protected].

2. You can get information and advice in several languages by calling 104.

3. To organize evacuation and receive any assistance, contact the embassy or consulate of the country of origin in Israel:


Contact number: 03-519-7475 (or 011-972-3-519-7475 from the United States);

Email: [email protected].

Address: HaYarkon St 71, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-693-1313;

Address: Ha-Shlosha St 2, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

United Kingdom

Contact number: +972 3-725-1222;

Address: HaYarkon St 192, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 6340502, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-544-2638;

Address: Ben Yehuda St 222, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-769-7900;

Address: Daniel Frisch St 3, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-754-0777;

Address: Beit Oz, Abba Hillel Silver Rd 14, Ramat Gan, 5250607, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-797-1500;

Address: Bank Discount Tower, Yehuda ha-Levi St 23, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-520-8300;

Address: 112 promenade, Herbert Samuel, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-609-3206;

Address: Daniel Frisch St 3, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


Contact number: +972 3-693-5000;

Address: Bank Discount Tower, Yehuda ha-Levi St 23, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

Search for contacts of diplomatic institutions (embassies, consulates) of any country in the world in Israel on the Visit World portal.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of most countries in the world have updated recommendations for their own citizens regarding planning trips to Israel: the authorities advise against any trips to the state.

It also means that all tour operators are obliged to return tourists from Israel to their countries of residence as soon as possible and to stop all future trips until the management's recommendations are updated.

What are the best places not to visit because of the war in Israel?

The governments of most countries around the world advise avoiding the following areas:

 - Gaza.

 - Shebaa and Hajar farms.

 - The area within 500 m of the border with Lebanon ("Blue Line") to the east of Metula, including the northern outskirts of the city, and within 500 m of the border with Syria ("Alpha Line").

 - The territory near the border with Gaza, which includes:

1. the area southwest of Ashkelon;

2. south of route 35 and west of route 40 as far as Tlalim, excluding Beersheba;

3. the district west of Beer Sheva;

4. the district north of Route 211.

The leaders of the countries also note that the threat to the lives of foreigners remains in many places in Israel - in Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Hader, Jerusalem and the Old City (in particular near and around the Damascus Gate, Herod's Gate, Lion's Gate and the Chain Gate), Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, the Jordan Valley, at Israeli checkpoints, in border settlements and around Palestinian refugee camps.

What to do if a tour to Israel is booked?

Be sure to check your home Government's advice before traveling to Israel, because for example, if you decide to travel to Israel from the UK now that official advice is against visiting, you won't be covered by standard travel insurance policies.

In most cases, if you have a package tour booked, you can cancel and receive a full refund through a no travel warning.

Are there flights to Israel?

Tel Aviv International Airport, the country's main tourist hub, is open, but many airlines have canceled or diverted flights. American carriers United Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines and European operators Lufthansa, AirFrance and Finnair have suspended flights to Israel.

Air carriers EasyJet, Wizz Air and the Portuguese airline TAP also canceled flights.

Israel's El Al airline says it continues to operate according to instructions and is taking all safety precautions because the airline's flights are operating "as scheduled." Air Europa, Iberia, Georgian Airways, Swiss, Israir Airlines, Flydubai, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic also did not cancel flights.

Many states in the world organize the evacuation of their citizens from Israel, send special flights, provide support and all necessary information. Therefore, if you are a foreigner who is currently in Israel, be sure to contact the representative office of your country of citizenship.

Daria Rogova, Head of Insurance at Visit World

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