What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners?

USA (United States)


What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners?

Every year, a large number of immigrants arrive in the United States. For many of them, an important part of the American dream is finding a good job that will allow them to gain experience and put down roots in the country. Find out more about the US labor market, the most popular jobs, the average salary and where expats work in the United States of America

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For many expats, working in the US is a dream come true. As of 2023, almost 30 million foreign workers work in the country. On average, about 1.5 million new residents come to America per year, the majority are citizens of India, Mexico, China, Canada, and Japan, and many expats also come to the United States from the EU.

America provides foreigners with a wide range of employment opportunities in a multicultural work environment. However, before starting a career here, it is worth studying the available options in detail.

What are the job opportunities in the USA for foreigners? Details in our material.

Each state has its own customs and rules. Therefore, looking for a job in the US will be significantly different from looking for a job in the expat's country of origin. However, if you know all the available options and procedures and have a strong determination, this process will be as simple as possible.

The U.S. unemployment rate is currently at its lowest level since 2007, according to the latest research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore, expats have many available prospects for work in the country.

The labor market in the USA

The largest industries in the USA are services, education and health care. Also popular is the TIMES market – telecommunications, information technology, multimedia, entertainment and security services:

- The service industry - almost 80% of Americans work in the service industry, which includes insurance business, trade, transportation, banking, media, communications, education and information technology. The most popular professions are call center operator (salary - $30,000 per year), bank teller (salary - $32,000 per year), flight attendant (salary - $35,400 per year), hairdresser (salary - $45,400 per year ) and hotel administrator (salary - $55,500 per year). The industry provides expats with many opportunities for employment, the advantage of which is relatively low requirements for the education of workers.

- High-tech industries - one of the highest paying industries is the technical sector. Such world-famous corporations as Google, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, etc. work in the USA. In this sector, expats can make a career in the following positions: development manager (salary - $67,200 per year), business analyst (salary - $83,800 per year), information technology manager (salary - $91,600 per year), network security engineer (salary – $107,900 per year) or software architect (salary – $132,310 per year).

- Research and development – the US is also known for its scientific sector. More than 100 companies in the field of pharmaceutical research, medicine and development work in the state. The highest paying jobs in the sector are biologist ($79,100 per year), scientist ($91,300 per year), pharmacologist ($98,400 per year) and economist ($108,350 per year). This industry is a good start for the work of foreign students in the USA.

The most popular jobs in the USA

The United States of America has a broad labor market with many employment opportunities. Most high-paying jobs in the US require a college degree and relevant experience.

The most popular jobs in the USA also belong to the service sector: sales representative (salary - $108,350 per year), office worker (salary - $31,000 per year), cashier (salary - $34,250 per year), general manager (salary - 61,000$ per year), fast food worker (salary - $34,800 per year), registered nurses (salary - $122,200 per year), carriers of goods and goods (salary - $36,500 per year), secretary (salary - $39,900 per year) and customer support representative (salary - $39,700 per year).

Average salary in the USA

Where you live in the US can determine your cost of living and salary. The average living wage in the US varies by state. A state's cost of living determines its average income. For example, the cost of living on the East and West coasts of the country differs dramatically. The average annual salary for an accountant in Florida is $60,100, while in California it is $71,200.

The highest incomes in the following regions are Hawaii ($308,153 per year), California ($107,813 per year), New York ($113,412 per year), Colorado ($95,131 per year) and Florida ($80,770 per year).

Where do expats work in the USA?

There are a lot of employment opportunities for foreigners in the USA, both at the entry level and for highly qualified personnel. Usually, finding a job depends on your experience and available knowledge, the top best directions include:

- Construction is an attractive sector for new immigrants to the USA. Most of the workers are engaged in cement laying, carpet laying, carpentry and painting.

- Agriculture - 73% of jobs in the industry are occupied by foreigners. Across the United States, agricultural labor is a critically needed job that grows economies and supports communities. The state even modernized the visa program to create conditions for obtaining citizenship for workers in the sector.

- Architecture and Engineering – The United States of America is considered one of the best places to work as an architect, and professionals receive the highest salaries here.

- Hospitality - foreigners work in restaurants, bars and catering establishments.

- Health care - In 2020, nearly 2.6 million immigrants, including 314,000 refugees, worked in health care, of which 1.5 million worked as doctors, registered nurses, and pharmacists.

- Transportation - over 50% of truck drivers in the US are immigrants.

- Computing and Mathematics - Science, technology, engineering and mathematics workers are very important to the US economy.

How to find a job in the USA?

In order to work in the USA, you must obtain a residence and work permit in the country. Search for the top 10 most popular work visas in America using the link.

In general, the employment procedure in the USA can be divided into several stages:

1. Applying for a job in the USA

At the first stage, research the list of available vacancies in the USA via the Internet and start applying for them. The process of applying for a job in the US includes preparing a good resume/curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter.

To increase your chances of getting an interview, identify skills in the job description and highlight them in your resume and cover letter.

According to American standards, a good resume should include the following information: applicant's personal information (name, email address, phone number, etc.), career goal, education, experience, skill sets, and certifications.

2. Monitor the processing of your application

Once you've applied for a job in the US, keep up to date with the current status of your application. Such actions demonstrate to the employer your motivation for work and professionalism.

3. Attend an interview

Before the interview, be sure to study the company's vision, mission and job expectations. During the interview, be sure to emphasize your strengths and explain why you chose this firm. Express your thoughts clearly and succinctly and stay calm.

 4. Apply for a visa

After receiving a job offer in the US from an American employer, you can apply for a visa.

The USA is open to new workers, the main thing is to make sure that you have the necessary skills and the appropriate level of education, and also issue all the necessary documents and permits.

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