Medicine and healthcare in Israel: medical tourism, prices for treatment



Medicine and healthcare in Israel: medical tourism, prices for treatment

According to Bloomberg reports, the quality of medicine in Israel is one of the world’s top-6. Benchmarks (life expectancy and health expenditures) show that it is second to the USA only. Based on the American approach to evidential medicine, the healthcare system of Israel is notorious for its innovative spirit, technological efficiency, and high qualification of the staff. 

Medical tourism to Israel

Israel is a leader in the sphere of new therapeutic methods and medication development. At the same time, this country is a top manufacturer of high-tech medical equipment. Thus local medics can detect diseases and possible complications at an early stage and use sensitive methods of treatment. 

Patients choose Israel medicine for its:

Full-scale examination. 

Modern medical centers tend to update their equipment every 2-3 years. Thus they can maintain a high level of technological effectiveness and diagnostic accuracy. Examining and prescribing particular tests, doctors take into account patients' aspects: age, sex, lifestyle, and conditions of living, are there any bad habits or genetic predispositions to any kind of health issue? This approach allows the identification of possible problems long before the first specific symptoms. 


High efficiency of cancer treatment in Israel is possible due to the modern equipment, sensitive surgery methods which allow fast recovery, and advanced exposure technology of RapidArc that allows working with the cancerous cells with no negative effect on the healthy ones. 


With the help of modern units of digital navigation surgeries on the cerebrum, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system show high precision and low level of complications risks. 

Cardiology & heart surgery.

The first diastolic cardiac failure treatment took place in Israel. Since then the minimally invasive techniques are hallmarks of local cardiology. Surgeries here are made without skin incisions via special catheters.


Particularly the care for patients with epilepsy,  Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Price of treatment 

The price for medical services in Israel is regulated by the government. Therefore treatment costs for citizens and non-citizens will be similar. This aspect makes the clinics of Israel more affordable in comparison to the European ones. 

Before the hospital treatment patient receives a treatment plan with an approximate price for the services. In case of a complicated treatment circuit (e.g. the one for pediatric oncology), an insurance deposit must be made. 

Here are approximate prices for the treatment in the hospitals of Israel:

surgeon or oncologist consultation — from 500$ USD;

MRI study for section — from 1000$ USD;

immunotherapy – from 3500$ USD;

surgery with Da Vinci robot – from 26000$ USD;

mastectomy – from 9000$ USD;

in vitro fertilization – from 8000$ USD;

Note: different clinics have different prices. Therefore it is necessary to do some research before choosing the best option. Or to get agents’ assistance: their help is pay-free, as they receive their wages from the hospitals.

Patient’s FYI

Due to the Law on Protection of Patients' Rights, foreigner has the same rights as citizens or residents of Israel. Thus he|she can anticipate the relevant quality of all procedures, provision of complete data and information on the case, and give informed consent for any therapeutic aspect.  

Emergency aid for tourists in Israel

When arriving in Israel the tourist is obliged to provide medical insurance for the whole duration of his| or her journey. The insurance will allow him|her to get such emergency healthcare services as:

  • ambulance call;
  • appointment at the nearby clinic; 
  • all relevant procedures, including tests, x-ray, hospitalization, and dental care;

In case of an insurance event, the patient has to contact the number stated in the insurance file or call the emergency response center. Tourists in Israel can contact *3888. 

Note: the locals say that the ability to have an ambulance call is a real luxury and good teeth are the privilege of either very rich people or those with good genetics. So it is better to visit your therapist and dentist before going to Israel. 

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